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Hello lovelies~ For the past few days I've been considering cutting my hair from what is now near my waist to my shoulder or slightly below my shoulder! And I'm going for it! Quite a chop off my hair isn't it? LOL. I decided that doing this will be best for my hair, because after bleaching it, it has become so brittle and frail it is hard to maintain... at least the bottom part where my old previous-previous bleaching and fuchsia dye took place! Otherwise, my hair is fine. I just think my old bleaching product when I decided to dip dye my hair to fuchsia was just poor product choice or I wasn't skilled (or my lack of!) enough, and this new bleaching session just amplified those already burned out damaged hair. Hopefully I made sense haha.

Anyway, here are some hair cuts I've been considering!

And knowing me... I'm, also tempted to do some more dyeing! I wanted to do something like this (except not the cut):

Or dip dye, which I'm leaning towards! And instead of grey/ash blonde hair like below, I'm going to keep my blonde hair. The color I plan on using is a pastel lilac, I might have to make my hair a little lighter so the lilac will look pleasing.

Colored hair ftw!
What are your guys thoughts, any favorites from the post or form the site below? :D

Hair pictures from: Side Burn

Halloweenie + Sclera Lenses Review

Hello everyone! This is a late post (again ;_;) and I apologize for that! Hope everyone had a fun and good Halloween c: My Halloween was pretty interesting! Spent a majority of the day with my boyfriend and I tried my first Scelra Lenses from the oh so lovely Uniqso! What are sclera lenses? Scelera lenses are often used in movies to create an effect on the eyes, there are many types of sclera lenses and you can see the variety here at Uniqso. The one I wore on halloween is the Sabretooth Sclera Lenses by Phantasee. 

Base Curve: 11mm
Diameter: 22mm
Include: 1x Sclera Lens Case
Replacement Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%

 The lens case for the lenses are pretty peculiar at first! Their huge size is to accommodate for the size of the lenses, and let me tell you, these lenses/lens case uses up a lot of solution! When you open the case:

 And the lenses itself:

 The lenses actually have this slight indention in it that I believe is supposed to take shape of your eye. 

Although the lenses are supposed to be blacked out, they don't cover all the whites in my eyes! The corners are still pretty visible.

They're pretty uncomfortable but bearable, even after placing them in your eyes. (Which is pretty difficult but I just wasn't putting them in right! Make sure to slide them in your eyes, top lid first and slide it in and then tuck in the bottom! Taking them out is easy, you just do what you would with regular lenses.)  When you move your eyes you can feel the lenses shift, and also everytime you blink you can feel it. Also, the recommended max amount of time to wear these lenses is 4 hours! I highly suggest wearing them less than that.

When I took the lenses out my eyes didn't come out red or bothered and my vision stabilized, no blurry after effects. The lenses are really cool and I definitely gave off quite a bit of scares to little kids and lots of people were amused with my eyes haha. 

Amazing lenses for Cosplay, Halloween, some sort of party, anything that requires a dramatically eerie/scary effect for your outfit! Comfort level may be something that vary within the individual, however for me the lenses do have slight discomfort to them but are bearable considering I did wear it for 4 hours during Halloween and my eyes were okay after I took the lenses out! 

Meh I think my makeup was better in person LOL the camera didn't quite capture the slight purple-red eyeshadow color that I used under my eye to create a tired-distressed eye. The color of the coagulated blood lost some effect with the camera! I ended up adding more blood to my hair and underneath my eye after a bit.

You can view more sclera lenses here at Uniqso! Thanks! 

On Halloween day, my bf and I set out to go buy some candy! We basically bought 2 bags for ourselves, 2 bags to give out. But, we ended up putting some of what was for us into the giving out bag! Around probably 4 I got ready (bf was napping hehe) and around 5-6 we headed to Chipotle because they were having a promotion where if you wear your Halloween Costume, you get $3 burritos! Now, if you've never eaten or seen a Chipotle Burrito -- their burritos are HUGE and they go for about $8 for one so we couldn't say no to this promotion. And, it was fun letting people see our costume hehe. I got quite the looks wearing these lenses c:< We handed out candy after we visited Kane at Starbucks haha. Little kids are so cute (x) ;u;

Ending the post with my bf and I!

Although this review is too late for this years Halloween (which I apologize for ;o;), these lenses can serve a multitude of purposes such as cosplay, photoshoots, even for short videos for projects, surprises, events etc!

Thank you for reading ^^

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