April & May Favorites

I apologize for April Favorites being so late, things were really busy during April because of finals, projects and presentations I had to focus on doing but now that the semester has ended, I'm back!! April and May faves are going to be combined and a majority of these favorites are actually for May because during April I didn't buy much of anything except food haha. Let's get started~

Starting off with something for the hair....

Agave Hair Oil Treament
This is my hair savior!! As most of you guys know, I dye my hair a lot and it has gone through some major bleaching in the past. It's growing out now and I have stopped bleaching (not really stopped dyeing heh, I actually plan on going a medium shade brown soon ) and damaged hair like mines often suffer from frizzy, brittle and dry hair. This hair oil really helps with smoothing down your hair, making it appear healthy. It comes with a pipe and the product itself is a thick oil that you just spread on your hair. After using it a few times, I notice my hair gradually looking better too even when I don't use this hair oil. It really does the job in getting really damage hair frizz to a minimum and makes your hair look healthier. It smells really nice, I think of almonds when I smell it? LOL and your hair absorbs it really quickly so you don't have to worry about it staining your clothes (which, it doesn't stain at all).

Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner
I got this a few days ago and I'm in loooovee. I have really chapped lips, even during the summer (can you imagine during the winter omg). Exfoliating with the coffee scrub actually helps my lips more than using regular chapstick but for quick on the spot treatment with lasting effects -- I love using this!! Honestly, you could probably use simple chapstick but I feel like it doesn't penetrate that well and it's only superficial. At first using this, your lips feel tingly (and it's actually pretty smoothing imo) and after like a minute your lips are instantly soft, even the chapped flaky skin is no where visible and you can feel it moisturize more than just the surface of your lips. It's pretty expensive honestly but it's definitely something I'd recommend if you want to treat yourself or splurge on if you have chapped lips that won't go away and need something done quick with long lasting effects. Also, Vitamin E is said to be really good for your lips!

China Glaze in Innocent
I've been on the hunt for nail polish that is semi-sheer, has a slight pink to it and is also close to nude for the longest time -- and I think I finally found it!! I think this color compliments every skin tone, it's a nice sort of peachy sheer nail polish.

Tony Moly Tear Glitter Eyeliner in 03
I don't really use this as an eyeliner, I use this mainly for the inner corner of my eyes and the bottom  under corner! I really love this, simply because it makes my eyes look (I guess) more dolly and awake and it adds a nice touch to my makeup imo haha. It doesn't fade, it really does stick once dried which is always a big plus for a long day ahead. I actually had this for a while now but I never used it until last month for some reason lmaoo. I use this specific color and not the white because I think the white is too much and this looks a tad bit more natural because the color is closely similar to my skin color.

Sigma & Morphe Brushes
I hear and read about how great these brushes are pretty often for a long time now and I finally decided to buy them because I felt like I needed more makeup brushes. These are cheap and over all great quality! Morphe being the cheapest, and for cheap brushes they really exceeded my expectations. I've owned drug store brushes before and I never liked the quality, they were brittle, felt dry and tough but these are softer, less brittle and flexible if need be. Sigma is a little more pricey compared to Morphe but much cheaper than high-end brand name brushes and I'm SUPER satisfied with my Sigma brushes. They''re pretty on par with higher end brushes for a lesser price too A+++

That's it for this post, thank you for reading and I hope your summer/week has been treating you well!!

PS I know rings were pictured in the intro/cover photo and none in the post LOL I decided not to post about them but if you're curious where I got them from I got them from "Garage"!


Face Soap & Clarity Vitamin C Face Wash

Today I am going to review this little face wash product! I got it from Sephora by using my Beauty Insider points. My BI points usually just sit there and collect so I decided to get something and I was in the mood to try something new! This product intrigued me because it claims to have Vitamin C and it's a face wash (which I prefer over face masks personally ^^). This was about 100 BI points, Sephora doesn't sell it anymore but you could always check Ebay, Amazon or any beauty retail store to see if they carry this brand and product. They have this product listed on their website too but I don't see any add to cart button available for any of their products? q-q

Claims & Description (from their web site):
Cleans and purifies skin, effortlessly removes make-up, and gently exfoliates.
  • VITAMIN AND AMINO ACIDS - to help refresh improve radiance and appearance of blemishes
  • GLYCERIN - to help skin feel soft and supple gentle polishing 
  • MICROBEADS - to exfoliate and resurface the skin
  • SUPERFRUIT™ YUZU - a skin energising, toning and brightening antioxidant complex pressed from natural Chinese citrus fruits  
It's so cute imo, I love the color and packaging hnng. 

 It is a light turquoise color with bits of pink beads for exfoliating. It's a runny liquid.

Really bubbly lather, it's nice and refreshing!

When using, my face felt tingly! Not the burning or uncomfortable tingly either, it was a really nice energized kind of tingly. You feel awake and refreshed! The little beads in this product are barely there in my opinion. Which is probably a good thing since having too much exfoliation on your face causes micro tears (which usually leads to more acne/pimples!).  It does make your face feel smooth, though.

I notice it leaves your skin looking subtly shiny, not an oil or sebum shiny just... shiny LOL. I don't know if it's because of the Vitamin C it claims to have, because vitamin C is supposed to help "brighten" your face / make it glow. I wouldn't necessarily say my skin glows though, it just looks kind of shiny.

I'll try to make before and after photos in future face wash review ^^

I also want to mention that it does take off makeup!

My take on this product?
It would make a really good morning face wash. It tingles in a way that it makes you feel refresh and awake -- it's such a nice, relaxing yet energetic kind of feeling. Your face will feel clean and energize after using and also, since it has vitamin C in it, it will also help "brighten" up your face. It has a very slight citrus scent to it and the overall product works as a gentle exfoliator. It lives up to it's smoothing claims.

I don't think I would purchase it though, honestly. I don't hate or dislike it -- it's just not really my type of face wash.

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Announcement: March 2015 Giveaway Winner!

Hello! I know I'm a little late on this, sorry q-q here is the giveaway winner for the March 2015 Mini Giveaway winner!

The winner wins 1 15 ML Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, Ski 79 BB Cream Mini and Makeup Forever Lipstick Mini and lots of paper/plastic samples~

The winners are chosen randomly by the widget.  *drum roll*

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Thank you everyone for participating, I'll be holding a few more in the future.


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