The Balm Nude'Tude Palette | Swatches

After about 2 months of waiting, my Nude'Tude Eyeshadow Palette from The Balm is finally here! I also got a little travel face palette. I'm so excited I've had my eyes on this eyeshadow palette for the longest time and now it's finally in my possession ;u; I got both items during an event sale on HauteLook. The Balm is having a 50% off flash sale on their site on June 17 for only 2 hours, starts 10 AM Pacific Time I believe c; PS this post is not sponsored and is not a review~

The palette comes with a double end brush and the bristles are super soft!  I actually don't use the brush for the eyeshadows, I find both ends of the brush tricky to use on the lids, so I use the smaller angled side of the brush as a brush to line and fill my brows with haha.

Now onto the swatches:

Sassy is a white color (but according to my boyfriend it looks blue) haha. Sassy and Stand Off-ish are great for the inner corner of the eyes imo! I really like using Stand Off-ish for my inner corners.

Very pigmented colors and lasting! I'm so excited to use this palette more. This is probably the first palette I own that I see myself using all the colors 

That's all for this post! Thanks for viewing ^^

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Review: Petite Cherry | Lingerie

Hello! Today I'll be posting about something a little different. This would make great gifts for someone you know or even for yourself c; I was contacted by Petite Cherry, a store that specializes in super cute and quality bras and I'll be reviewing the their Coco Bra Set 

Info directly taken from their website.

Colour: Cherry
Shape: Demi
Feature: Push Up
Support: Firm
Material: Lace
Great for: Petites

The bra set was sealed in a bag that was inside the box pictured above. Keeps everything from being damaged during delivery and from getting wet! The package comes with one bra and a matching panty.

 The bra is so beautiful I can't get enough of it. It has a cute little gem in the front adding to the beauty!

 Super soft padding! The bra also pushes up REALLY well and the bra gives your breasts a nice full look and no extra vacant spaces between the bra and breast.

The panty is super sheer. 

The material of the bra is very sturdy yet flexible and soft. I was pretty amazed with the quality. The padding is incredibly soft as I mentioned earlier and gives you a really nice push up. The bra itself has been really comfortable to me! I've worn this quite a bit already and there's no wear and tear visible at all which is always a good sign because who wants a bra that will fall apart after wearing it a bit!? 

I'm in loveeeee!! It's so cute and it does what it should do. I honestly wouldn't suggest wearing this bra with tanks or anything that may expose cleavage however, because the bra will be slightly visible -- just something to consider for a work or professional environment. Otherwise, this bra is amazing and gorgeous! I really love the push up effect, compared to my other bras from Aeries and VS, this bra is the most suiting and most successful with pushing up in my experience. No extra vacant spaces between the breast and the bra. My only gripe about this bra are the hooks on the straps that connect it to the bra itself, it tends to come off sometimes when you put it on. On the other hand, it means the bra is sort of interchangeable so if you ever get bored of the same look of the bra, you can always switch the straps. 

Petite Cherry has a ton of other bra sets too and they're all so cute, I really recommend checking them out! You would not be disappointed with their selection!! They have bras from push up to non push up!

You can get 10% off by joining their emailing list! 

I believe when you sign up you also get 300 points.

Thanks for reading!!

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