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  Back to School Finds
Hello cuties! School is starting very soon so today I'll be sharing with you guys some quick Back to Schools wants and finds  ^^ Here are some things to "kawaii-ify" your school life and study sesh hehe (That I could find in a short notice since I meant to do this post a month ago but never got a chance to ;o; sorry about that OTL)

  1. San-X Rilakkuma Pen Pouch
  2. San-X Rilakkuma Pencil Sharpener
  3. Sentimental Circus Plush Cosmetic / Pencil Bag
  4. Little Twin Stars Calculator 
  5. Iwako Ice Cream Cone Eraser Set
  6. Sumikko Gurashi Cafe Plastic File Folder

The calculator is a bit pricey but I thought it was cute. A majority of the items listed are also based in the US for quick shipment in case you guys are interested in buying but school is starting soon!

I own a few plastic file folders like #6 and they come in so handy for me! I use it to divide up my homework and finished homework plus they're cute and they're a little easier to handle then carrying a bulky binder haha.

School is starting for me in a few days and I'm more nervous than excited! When are you guys starting school and are you guys excited or nervous? If you're starting soon or already started I want to know how your first day went! c: <3

I'm very close to being ready for school, I'm just waiting for a backpack to come in and then I should be set. Have a good and safe first day of school everybody


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Aug 22, 2014 8:33 PM

  Review: BornPretty Lash #HW-60

100% brand new
Material: Artificial Fibre
Quantity: 5 Pairs/Box
Color: Black

Package Contents:
5 Pairs(3 Pairs for Top Lash,2 Pairs for Bottom Lash)

The lashes comes with 3 pairs of top lashes and 2 pairs of bottom lashes! Pretty nice ratio for people who don't wear bottom lashes often! Born Pretty also has the same lashes without bottom lashes here!

A very natural length and volume, blends in with your natural lashes really well.

I think these lenses are very natural! Don't let the cross-over design make you think twice about how natural these are! 

 The lash band itself is pretty thin, but sturdy enough to hold the individual lashes for multiple wears. If you're like me and pick the glue off your lashes in order to reuse them, then do not fret about individual lashes coming off (as long as you're careful with picking the glue off at least!)

Very comfortable, the band isn't stiff and the lashes are very light so it's not heavy on your eyes!

Shop: 10/10 for communication, shipping as well as packaging! Shipping took about 2-3 weeks from Asia to USA.
To reiterate, these lashes are very natural looking (on me at least) the length isn't my most favorable length but these lashes are great for natural makeup, the bottom lashes could go well with any heavy makeup in my opinion, tbh I didn't take any pictures of the bottom lashes because I personally didn't like them on me and I'm not use to wearing these styles of bottom lashes haha. The bottom lashes were long and very close together in a way they didn't look natural on me. Born Pretty Does sell these top lashes apart form the bottom ones though! Check out that product here.

Visit Born Pretty below by clicking the banner!! Don't forget the free shipping worldwide, affordable prices and you can buy in bulk to save even more money  They also ship within 24 hours!

BornPretty: Facebook | Twitter | Pintrest | Blog | Youtube

Thank you for reading 

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7:49 PM

  One Year ♥
(Picture heavy post) Saturday August 17th marked my boyfriend and I one year together as a couple! It was a very exciting day, eventful, tiring but worth every moment as I was with him and it was nobody in the world but us that day. Before leaving to our adventure on our Anniversary, at 12 AM Sunday night we exchanged gifts and my boyfriend got me a hamster (He actually gave me the hamster earlier during the day hehe) and a Korilakkuma soup mug! In case you guys were thinking, "Doesn't she already have one?" well, if you follow my twitter, a few months ago after coming home from a fun day out with my boyfriend and I believe I was with my friends too, I found a shattered ceramic mug on the kitchen counter and it was my poor Korilakkuma mug :c My favorite mug in the world too /OTL. The only people at home were my mom and my brother but I never found out who broke it, although it was probably an accident (It was in one piece before I went out that day). That same day later on I found my boyfriend outside in the kitchen super gluing every part back for me and I didn't even ask. Even though it could no longer be used as a mug anymore, I used it to store some small memo pads in my room. It means even more to me now because not only was it my favorite mug, but because my boyfriend who was not at fault for the broken mug, tried his best to put it back together for me. /He put it back together pretty well tbh heh, here's a picture of the broken but patched together mug, and the new mug and my new hamster -- which I named Mochi -- below. He's the best <3

Mochi Vincent Jr (Vincent is my boyfriend's name by the way, if you guys didn't know! Heheh) is a Dwarf Roborovski hamster, he's extremely shy and skiddish but he's been warming up to me (slowly but we'll get there haha). For his present, I gave him...

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Aug 20, 2014 3:59 AM