BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette Swatch & Review

Today I'll be reviewing the Galaxy Chic Palette! I found out about the Galaxy Chic Palette on tumblr and I was so intrigued with this palette because of the Galaxy theme going on! I'm all for that haha. The price was to die for too -- it's such a steal. How could I say no!!

Galaxy Chic (here)
Brand: BH Cosmetics
The palette comes with 18 Baked eyeshadows.
It has a mirror inside and the palette itself is about 8" x 4.5".

I'll start with the swatches, then my overall experience and thoughts on this product!

The top row consists of these colors. I actually had a hard time swatching these colors enough that they would show up on my arm LOL. They have more a pink-red hue/tone to them than the rest! Very rosy, light and sheer~ Cosmic and Milky Way are actually more purpley than the rest of the top rows, I have a better image later on in this post of the two close up!

Middle row, mostly your blues. They're all pretty distinctive of one another. I really love Saturn -- it's a gorgeous light gold color.

Most of your neutrals in this last row! These were easier to swatch than the first row, probably because these are more opaque in color. I think the colors in this row match so perfectly with one another ahh.

Close up comparison swatches of the similar eyeshadows in this palette. 
(Swatched about 4 times each)

Electra and Meteor are incredibly alike but not 100%. Hopefully my camera captured it well enough but Electra has a little more blue to it than Meteor, Meteor has more white/is slightly lighter in color.

Cosmic and Milky way are both the lightest purple eyeshadows in this palette. Look at how pretty they are *o*

My favorites? I really like Saturn, Mars, Aphrodite, Mercury and Prometheus! 

The quality of the palette is really nice for the price. All of the colors in this palette are shimmery and so pretty. It does tend to fade though if you're not using primer and lots of fall outs/flakes when applying. I read some people claim it's not very blendable but I think it does a fine job blending. It's like a sort of loose powder when first applied. I think using a primer would be a good way to prep for this eyeshadow if you don't already use primer! It keeps the eyeshadow in place longer and would cause less fade.
  • Cons: Flakey/Lots of fall out, lots of building up required if you're looking for a more opaque color, fades easily/wears off quickly without primer.
  • Pros: Gorgeous palette, blendable, beautiful colors, amazing value
It's a beautiful palette. The colors are really pretty and there's a nice variety to choose from in this palette. I also love the Galaxy theme! However, the product does tend to flake a lot, there's a lot of fall out and it's not very pigmented (at least, a majority aren't & not with one swatch/application). You would need to apply/build up quite a bit if you want a more opaque result. But as mentioned before, I think using a primer would be best suited for this palette as I don't think the product itself would last very long and would be more pigmented when using an eyeshadow primer! If you like a more semitransparent/semi-opaque color, this product would be really great for you~

Thanks for reading!! c:

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March Favorites

I finally made a favorite post in the month the post is dedicated to LOL hello everyone! Today I'll be talking about my March favorites... with a surprise! I actually don't have many favorites this month u-u but hopefully my surprise makes up for that (-:

Wholly Deep Jewel Pot #8

THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL EYESHADOW. I love this eye shadow sooo much. I love the color, how it's so shimmery, the way it works its magic when you apply it, the lasting power and how easy it is to blend and how you can customize it. At first glance the eyeshadow pot looks just like shimmering, clumps of glittery eyeshadow but when you use and blend it, it completely changes. It packs quite a bit of nice, pretty shimmer so if you're looking for lots and subtle shimmer this is it. I've moved from matte to shimmer and I don't want my eyes to look too glittery, so this is probably why I adore this product so much. The color pay off is incredible. A little goes a long way, this applies to the shimmer too. If you don't want your eyes shimmery and want a more bold look for parties or something fun you can just apply the eyeshadow, blend and then apply more of this product but don't blend just dab the product onto your eye. The clumps will stay as clumps until you blend. I really want to try the other colors, sooooon.

LED Mirror 

If you don't have something like this, you should get one!! You know how sometimes you do your makeup and it looks great, but when you walk outside or get in your car and check your mirror you notice your makeup doesn't look as flawless as you think? Or a similar scenario idk might just be me LOL. This mirror helps you with that basically. It  gives you the light you need to properly see and work your makeup and it's helped me so much in correcting what I didn't notice before.  It can also work for a selfie if you don't have a ring light naw 'm sayin? Haha. I purchased mine off ebay, it comes with a regular mirror and a 10x zoomed mirror. PS. The light looks dim in the photo, but it's much brighter in person

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Just a quick note, I already threw away my box for the 30 ml spray pictured above, so I'm just using the 15 ml box as a reference.

The spray is supposed to set your makeup, making it last extra long without fade. The spray comes out in a sort of mist when beauty bloggers and youtubers use it but for some reason mine doesn't do that, it literally just sprays. LOL. Might be because I purchased the smaller size rather than the bigger size. Anyway, I think it does what it claims to do! I notice my makeup looks fresher at the end of the day than it would without the spray: my makeup feels less slick and oily at the end of the day. Honestly I think this setting spray is amazing. I can't say how well it works when you're submerged in water with makeup, lol but that would be a fun experiment to try now that summer is coming up~

How you use it: After you finish your makeup, the bottle says to mist about 8-10 inches away from your face in an "X" formation and then a "T" formation. I just spray (since mine doesn't mist) it however many times I want to, which is usually like 3 times, mostly focusing on my t zone/eye makeup area.

So what is the surprise? Mini giveaway!!!!

I'll be giving away one 15ml Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (and more)!! (This is not sponsored) I just thought it'd be cool to share one of my favorites with you guys ohoho

I'll also include this skin79 Snail BB Cream mini, Makeup Forever Lipstick mini and a bunch of free paper/plastic packaged samples. All 3 items have never been used. They have been opened out of their container, but never used in anyway way.

The rules and how to enter will be listed below! Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below~
None of the options are mandatory, however I do ask to please only follow my accounts if you're interested in what I post and please no giveaway/fake/spam accounts!  I will check to see if you're an active account. Thank you~ 
One winner and I will ship internationally! The mini giveaway will end April 18 2015. That's all for the giveaway and my March faves! The format and entries for this giveaway will pretty much be the same for any of my future giveaways. I've done some spring cleaning and reorganizing, so just a heads up LOL. Thank you for reading!

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