Hello c: Today I'll be reviewing these cute lenses from Klenspop! I'm finally on break and now I can blog more frequently and easily ^^ yay. I'm wearing a wig above btw! My hair is no longer blonde, it's now a dark brown chocolaty brown haha.

The lenses were nicely packaged in a thick ziplock bag, which is good for extra protection against water, tears and so on ^^ It also came with lens tweezers, lens case and a box that stored it all. The vials:

Brand: 4VISION
Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year (Max)

The reason why I wanted these lenses was because of the design!  There is a gray gradient in the middle where the cute flowers are and then it turns to brown. It's so unique and cute, I don't think any other lens seller sell these as far as I'm aware of. The lenses are only $16 too!! 

Honestly, the design doesn't appear on my eyes very well in most lighting since my eyes are dark brown. But, on lighter eyes this design would show up and look so nice *_* *envious*

(14.5 mm) it enlarges nicely as most 14.5 mm lenses do! 
My false lashes were not working with me today OTL

I like them, I think the lenses are so cute~ In the right lighting the gray shows up very well and can be quite the eye catcher. It looks like stars are in your eyes *_* Klenspop themselves are very fast with shipping and are super kind. Their store holds a lot of unique circle lenses and some are also very cheap. Don't let the price fool you and making you think otherwise! Their shipping only took about a week and a half to get to me  

///Wow my lips actually look full in here LOL Been using the lip lining method lately. I dig it. The method looks natural in pictures imo, but in person, if close enough it's easy to detect the liner haha. My lips are topped with Smashbox Posy Pink Lipstick! ///

That's it for this review ^^ Thank you for reading and thank you Klenspop! Please do visit their website (and facebook) below if you have the chance! 

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Hair Inspiration

Hello lovelies~ For the past few days I've been considering cutting my hair from what is now near my waist to my shoulder or slightly below my shoulder! And I'm going for it! Quite a chop off my hair isn't it? LOL. I decided that doing this will be best for my hair, because after bleaching it, it has become so brittle and frail it is hard to maintain... at least the bottom part where my old previous-previous bleaching and fuchsia dye took place! Otherwise, my hair is fine. I just think my old bleaching product when I decided to dip dye my hair to fuchsia was just poor product choice or I wasn't skilled (or my lack of!) enough, and this new bleaching session just amplified those already burned out damaged hair. Hopefully I made sense haha.

Anyway, here are some hair cuts I've been considering!

And knowing me... I'm, also tempted to do some more dyeing! I wanted to do something like this (except not the cut):

Or dip dye, which I'm leaning towards! And instead of grey/ash blonde hair like below, I'm going to keep my blonde hair. The color I plan on using is a pastel lilac, I might have to make my hair a little lighter so the lilac will look pleasing.

Colored hair ftw!
What are your guys thoughts, any favorites from the post or form the site below? :D

Hair pictures from: Side Burn

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