Frequently Asked Questions or answered questions to satisfy one's curiosity. For more info, please check out my About page or Disclaimer page!

 What are your websites?

  Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Depop is karipyon and Snapchat: mewfairy. These are my only and official accounts and social media platforms that I use. If you come across any other accounts using my photo or info, they are NOT me. Feel free to ask me if you are unsure!

 Where are you from?


 How old are you?

   As of January 2017, I'm 21

 Where are you from/whats your ethnicity?

   I am from Vietnam (moved to the US when I was 1), but ethnically I am Chinese. Long story short: my family/ancestors immigrated to Vietnam a long time ago before I was born and I was brought up with Vietnamese culture.

 Why don't you ever post pictures of your family, bf or friends?

  I'm a pretty private person and I like to keep my close ones identity and face anonymous unless they are comfortable with me sharing to the internet. I also don't believe that I have to take a picture of everything or everyone I know or hang out with ^^"

 Where did you get your theme?

  Credits are at the very bottom of my blog. However, I did heavily edit and tweak my blog to fit my personal preference! There are tons of theme makers that cater to blogspot, just got to look!

 Where did you get your pixels?

 You can find the credits on my "Disclaimer" page!

 Where is this blog hosted/what platform is your blog using?


 How can I follow your blog?

 If the Follow link doesn't work for you and if you have a blogspot, you can copy and paste my blog URL (karimew.com), then go to your dashboard and to your reading list, click the pencil button on the top right and then click add and paste my URL in the little box! You can also follow my blog via Bloglovin or you can bookmark my blog! Additionally, you can also follow my social media but I don't post about updates often.

 Can I request a review or a specific type of post?

 Yes! Feel free to let me know what kind of post you want me to write about (such as hair, routines, etc.) or what review you're interested in seeing and I'll see what I can do.

 Where do you get your lenses?

 It depends! I get my lenses from multiple sites. Lensvillage, honeycolor and other websites depending on the pricing, lens and availability of the lenses.

 What hair dye do you use?

 For my pink hair I used Arctic Fox Virgin Pink. I tend to mix colors together and I add some conditioner. For my current hair, I use AGEBeautiful in 3N.

 Where do you get your wigs?

 Ebay. I mostly buy from gold ribbon sellers. The ones I can think of at the top of my head is Strongjimmy and wigglamour. Make sure to check their ratings – that is a big indicator on if I should buy from the sellers or not! Occasionally, I do get some of my wigs as part of a partnership or as a gift. My most asked wig is my long purple straight bangs wig which is from wigglamour!

 What do you use to edit photos?

   On my iPhone: Vsco, Instagram’s editing option and Rakuga Cute for stickers. For my DSLR I usually just use photoscape. For selfies I usually use Beauty Cam & Vsco.

 Why didn't you reply to my message/Email/IG Comment, etc?

 If I don't respond it could mean a number of things: it might have been invasive to me, already in my FAQ or in my IG caption/tags, something you can easily google, something you should message a company/seller about or I just really didn't see it because it got pushed down due to other messages, comments etc. Also, as a note: I don't really check my IG DM's!

 Where did you get __ in __ pic?

 On Instagram, I usually tag where I get a shirt/clothing/accessory, especially in “ootd” pictures. Please make sure to tap for the tags! Feel free to ask if it’s not tagged or mentioned in the caption or already in the comments. Also, if I don’t reply please feel free to ask on tumblr or twitter, sometimes I don’t see the notification of your comment because it gets pushed down due to other notifications ^^“ 


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