Oh hey, about a whole week of not posting!

So today I asked my Dad for Apricot Avocado.

I asked my Dad this morning to make me this Avocado drink he always makes. Instead of saying Avocado, I said Apricot. He looked at me and said, "AVOCADO." LOL. I always get them mixed up. Apricot just sounds so familiar. Why? I had just found out now that I had an Apricot scrub.

Also, The past few days, I bought watercolors! I painted and my Dad got me a Canvas to paint on after I finish with my roughs. I went shopping today at Lakeline Mall. I'm so broke after buying A DeathNote shirt. It has L on it, so of course I'd buy it. Would'nt miss my chance after all, I love Lawliet.  My Uncle bought me some shades, Yayy +1 to the collection. :D So after buying the DeathNote shirt, I'm left with 2 dollars and some change here and there In my wallet.

Haha, Evys here, another asian party! I'm having lots of fun so far. Don't know when they're gonna leave but it's about 11:41PM atm.

No school on Monday next week yay. Memorial day. I took a nap today. :D Well Evy is about to leave ): BoooooooooOoooOOOooo
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