I scream for Icecream!

I had just finished Avatar the last Airbender series today. Oh man, do I feel extremely empty. LOL. I wish they could've continued the series. Oh well. However, I am a little curious about what happened to Azula. 

I ate some icecream today (Isn't that so interesting?) I ate some pistachio icecream and those little cup Vanilla icecream. I love Vanilla, Of course, I love Pistachio too but Vanilla has this nice taste to it. It can go with like anything? 

After I finished eating, I wash up the cup and saved it. It could be handy, and I bet it's good for the environment. Less trash and waste, right? Well, planning on putting little trinkets or beads or something thats too small and could be lost. I could put it on shelves for decoration, since these little cups are way cute. Especially compared to the big one. 

Blue bell, I love that brand. They have creamy icecream. Haha.
Today has been an ok, movie and episode/pigging out day. My best friend should be coming home to tomorrow or friday. Latest by Saturday. I'm pretty excited for her return,

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