A day without you is like a year without rain.

Well I went to Toys R Us and my cousins house yesterday.
lol first time handling the control on a... steering wheel...

 I was the bottom one ): eff, I can play it on the ds like a beast tho.

After that we bought pizza and I played ping pong with my cousins. I was pretty best at that too LOL. jk, the majority of the time the ball bounced once on the court and fell off.
The only thing I can play fersher is like badminton (the so called loser version of tennis, so Tien says)

Well, as said I went to Toys R Us yesterday, to buy the cute Hello Kitty Sushi. But they werent there ): Instead, I bought pink breast cancer cards and airheads whoot. lol.

My cousins gave me a gift and it had sooo many delicious food. Well, a couple but so far the Banana Bread if my fav.

THEY'RE SO SWEEEEET! I'm not just talking about the food (:

And my new cards, I LOVE PINK. And I also donated 15 cents buy buying a deck whee!
They're so smooth and slippery, I wuv.

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