I love giving people things!

So for this Holiday, yesterday, I gave my friends cards (since I couldn't buy actual presents lol)

I was gonna take a picture but I rushed to go to sleep. lol.
I bought the card, they were under 4 dollars so yeah, and I typed out our friendship and stuff like that and printed it out. However my printer color was whack ):
but it still looked nice I guess haha.

I gave it to.... 10 people? But I didn't have to buy like 7 cards because we had some at home. haha.

I made Tien a hugee one whole paper note and what I thought about him and us and stuff. It wasn't anything bad except for me being afraid of us breaking up and stuff. (: He said he loved it <33

So today, my friend Amber, gave me a huge fat hug for the card. Kelci gave me chocolate and my friend Ivonne gave me animal crackers and soft cookies. Awwwwh. lol. (:

I like to make people happy, I mean hell, it's almost Christmas and I don't get to see them during the break.

<3! Oh and I think I flunked my algebra midterm lol. Hate ittttttt! French has 200 questions. we did part one today o__o I'm only on question 120 ish.


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