Boring Saturday.

Honestly, I wasn't going to blog today at all. But theres nothing to do, so I might as well blogged.  You guys know, how I said I'd show you guys the anniversary present Tien gave me?

 Well uhm....

I sort of held off on that and I'm too lazy to take pictures, upload, resize and such. Knowing me, I'll probably take a few pictures. So multiply that x 10 lol On the bright side though, I'll give you a description of his present! Prepare for reading.

He gave me 2 cards. Both pretty large if you ask me... hehe. One of them, when you open it it pops out and turns into a circle and its HUGE. Nuff said. Inside of it it sys "I LOVE YOU" and the outside, "this card is not big enough to show you how much I love you" I memorized it hehehe. The second card wasn't as big but it was cute! Inside was a kid mooning. LOL. The butt was glittery.

He also wrote poems. So sweet! I cried reading one, and I was in art class! I tried so hard not to tear up or anything but, I teared up lol. No one noticed though, as for I don't talk to a lot of people in art class. Too focused in the art work for that lol. I keep all his poems for me in his own separate portfolio and I hide it. I don't want anyone reading it then criticize it or mess it up/make it dirty by touching it rofl. I'm so mean hah.

Oh and I made a new blogger skin. Click on you in the navigation then look for blogspot skins. I'll be making more sometime sooner or later,I have nothing better to do until breaks/summer hehe.


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