Helloooooo 15° F weather!

Hello 15° F weather! And because of this terribly cold weather, we were sent home earlier than when we're supposed to. You see, we had an early release today, and for Highschoolers, we get out at 1:30, normally.

But since it was so cold and the lights were going on and off (it came off at 8:52 AM and stayed like that until around 9 and then came back on and turned off), they decide to release us at 10:30 AM. Yes! It was aweosme haha. I came home, did my usual stuff and now chilling. The image you see here, was form last week. I didn't upload it until now because, heeeeeeey I'm a pretty lazy person.Well no, I just didn't have time. And... yes I'm pretty lazy too (I have to admit that rofl).

I'd still be in school at this time lol dang.

I honestly don't know what to blog about atm, I just wated to get this pic on my blogger since I've been trying to that for the past week lol. Can you see my uneven eyes though? xD

How have you guys been? lol. Oh and my most asked question is "are you from singapore?" eeeeee, I don't live in Singapore. I live in the US. lol. I see lotsof bloggers here re from Singapore, so hello! Pretty cool meeting people from other countries lol.
Oh and Chinese new years is coming up! I have so much planned this week.

Party on Friday
Party on Saturday
Going to watch the Dragon Dance with my little brother and Dad

It doesn't sound like much, but to me it is! These are big events, so yeah.....
I already received 50 bucks from my dad, oh did you know I collect those red envelopes? I have a whole bag of them hehe. Since it happens only once a year, I like collecting them and save the pretty ones :D

Who else celebrates Chinese New years?!?


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