Late chinese new year Festival

LOL SO LATE. Though this week has been all about CNY. lol. In total I only got like 60 bucks, minus 20 because I used it. Well 50 from my dad, 20 from my uncle and 2's from a bunch of other people lol. Well we went to a vietnamese church we're all my friends go to basically lol. 

I had fun waking up today, I woke up at like 8 and i got ready to go at like 10 or 11. I wish I had a car though, I feel bad having Tien drive us everywhere

Me, David and my lil bro and Tien came at like 12 and stayed there for about 2 hours. Not a satisfying 2 hours (Im so sorry but i like to have fun. lifes too short to be stuck at home all the time )  and when we arrived, god SO MANY PEOPLE. SO MANY ASIANS LOL. I don't do well with crowds because people get in the way and then I'm like bitch move out of the way and then I bump into people and omg i need a huge bubble lol.

Oh and my friend Nguyet-Hang was singing in front of the crowd, it was a performance. I was like O:! Have't seen her in forever due to my changing schools.

well anyways, we went to look for Evy and Thac for like 30 mins. Tien, David, Lance and I were walking around and we saw Thomas and Thac and we pointed that out lol, we wlaked towards them and I walked by evy without even knowing until she said my name. I was like  WELL HI. we started chilling and then....

.... fire crackers started cracking and then the lion dance. The lion dance didn't last long though. And the fire crackers weren't as loud as last year, unless I've totally gone death due to my music always at 90-100% in volume. And it was only a few people dancing. we stopped paying attention when the fire crackers ended lol.
ok the place doesn't look big but it was huge. Just full of people lol. And little stands and stuff.  After all this, Tien and I went to buy some food yum  and then we all headed to the park. Oh we saw Tony before buying food though, we saw him when we were looking for Evy and Them.

We ate at the park and they were messing around. Our second time going to the park was hilarious. I decided to follow Tony, David, Thac and Thomas to the park and woods with Tien. I mean, Evy ws going there too, just a different way so whatever they're my buddies too LOL. hehe.  ok well, tony didn't go in the wood but he stood at the corner/ edge and made funny remarks. My little brother littered and threw his soda can down.


Then some random little kid we don't know followed us. Like he came out of no where and went up to us then stood beside us. LOL WHAT. And tony was like "WHO IS THIS KID? WHOSE KID IS THIS?His parents must be worried. Bring him back" or something like that. omg it was so funny though.

Then we went to the park and the kid followed us too. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay LOL. He looked so happy though it was adorable but weird. lol. Tony brought him back like the kid was running back and forth to us and the Tony ran back with him and brought him out to the festival church thing. Lol apparently when Tony said "you have to go" or whatever, the kid walked away sadly. dawwwwwwh. lol.

What a hawkward kiddo lol. hehe. We left at 3 but it took forever due to David and Thac. Ughhhh. Noobers .

I'm so sleepy now , and schools tomorrow. Not looking forward to school  . Feels too much like summer right now and I love it. 


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