This was meant to be Fridays post (since I wore this one Friday) but whatever, it's Saturdays now. Haha! I had this lovely tube top since last summer, but I never got a chance to wear it! Oh, and it's my first and only tube top so Friday was the first day I ever wore a tube top. I was so scared it would fall down but it didn't thank god LOL. I wore a black cardigan to one: cover up exposed areas and two: to finalize the outfit! I really like it, I love the floral to it and how theres a hint of black to the floral area.

 It's so nice if you see it face to face! I love the texture too hehe. Well, school on Friday was normal. however due to the Sophomores Testing on Social Studies, we had to stay in our Taks Day teacher. Since I asked my friends teacher to pull me out 9this time it was Mr. J) on like... Thursday, I was able to stay in his class in Friday. Puahaha! Lol my friend, Amber and I went crazy with pictures. LOOOL. I love Candids sometimes xD hehehe.
I like the bottom picture because I'm blurry hehe. After our Taks camp class, we went to lunch! Since the lunch was separated by grades, I was able to eat with my close friends And this happened since Tuesday because of the TAKS hehe. Okay but this lunch was different that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! There was a tiny food fight and my friend and I were sitting right by it. Good thing we were on the top level though LOL. Like it was under/beside us but on the 2cnd level. Oh gosh lol it was so, "oh wooow". Haha.

Amber: "Look lost, look lost."

LOL. Oh and I learned how to play 13 haha, I mean I knew how to play sort of, but I didn't know all the rules. Now I do, I just need to keep playing so my mind can keep it locked and memorized. Welps, that was part of my Friday.


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