You are the epitome of crazy.

 Okay well, the 2 pictures of food were taken by my iPhone 4 by my friend Amber and I. Hehe, we were having fun lol. You can view more photos of this day in my facebook! Since, I don't want my blog to be image heavy. Okay well, I came to school by bus and the bus came 15 minutes late. 15 MINUTES. I was peeved, but it was because the bus driver had to pick up other kids from other areas too but dang, so long. Well, I went up the stairs of my highschool since my "home" class for this week is Mrs. S (my least favorite teacher too! Ironic that I have her). My friend Charlene and Kelci told me that Ms. W (the teacher that pulled me out) will pull me out of Mrs. S class later, along with Amber. Kelci and Charlene have Ms. W class so yeaaaah. I made a new friend today! Her name is Crystal and how we met was sort of funny because we end up doing our hair the same way and our outfit was sort of similar. We both did our hair in 2 side braids, wore a cardigan and blue shorts. The way we met? My friend Hong told me that she thought I was cute, and I was like lol thanks you are tooo. And then I mentioned hey we look the same!

Hong: "Yeah you guys do! Except she's shorter lolol"
Me: "She's a mini me!"

Crystal is really pretty too! So I was sort of surprised when she thought I was cute haha. But heyy new friend yayayay.
Well, after about 15 minutes into class, sitting with Cindy, Theo and Juan, Ms. W picked me up. poor Theo stood up to but couldn't come with me awwhh. I felt bad but he had Juan hehe.
After an hour of reviewing, we had  a break and chilled. Then after that break we reviewed some more and did a jeopardy game, then we finally chilled and Kelci, Amber, Charlene and I sat together in our group. After all that it was time for lunch which was fun hehe. After lunch we went back to the class and stayed there for about an hour and thirty minutes. After that, we left for 1st, 2cnd and 3rd period.

In 1st period we continued to watch Alice in Wonderland. Whoo I love Johnny Depp   Ever since PoTC. When the bell rang for 2cnd period, I waited for Gloria like I usually would on normal school days. Whee, I love her   She's so sweet! Hehe. We went our separate ways after we talked. Oh, the strangest thing happened in 2cnd period today! So we were awarded with Smarties today and everyone was only given one, and it was handed out by this one Dude, Caleb. When we came to give Amber and I Smarties, he gave me 2. I said thanks and then he told me, "You get 2 :)" I was like, what the! I looked at Kelci like "....!?" She smiled at me like "loool" And I asked her, "Did everyone else get 2 or 1?" She said, "Everyone else got 1." WHAT THE!! Thanks for the special treatment but I didn't think you thought of me like that? I should've saw it coming when he patted my shoulder the day I had to go up and "teach" the class. I thought it was those normal, "wassup, you got this!" friend thing.  I guess not. Awkward? Yes but oh well.  Okay, after 2cnd, we went to third which was the last period of the day. We watched this Wild Life movie but I fell asleep LOL.

After class, I waited for Amber near these Lockers by my 3rd period. We walked outside together and I accidentally pushed her towards a crowd of people LOL IM SO SORRY! Well my Dad picked me up and I went to Mcdonalds and I bought 2 new pack of makeup remover wipes. YAAAY. Hehe. I'm full and I feel fat. I got sweet tea and ugh my bladder.. LOL 'nuff said about that haha. Today was an alright day. Tomorrow will be another TAKS week day, except instead of 1st, 2cnd, 3rd, it's going to be a bit of 4th, then 5th, 6th and 7th.


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