Mothers day with... mother!

So where I live, today was Mothers Day! I had fun today but morning was sort of... iffy. Parents lol. But I was still able to chill with my mom. And my little brother haha. First off, I went to get my nails done. My mom offered to do them for me, but with shellac. And shellac/gel nails last longer so I was like what the hey! Might as well take the offer.
And plus, the nails I did myself came off and chipped within a couple days because I couldn't resist picking on them LOL. After doing my nails, my Mom, Little brother and I went to the Mall and shopped. I got a new tank, flats and a double ring. My little brother got a new game and my Mom got 2 new shoes. I also bought a pigs in a blanket, nomnom. When we finished shopping, we went to Wal Mart and then we went to eat Pho at Pho Saigon! YUM. My bowl:

When they took it out, I was ASTONISHED. IT WAS SO HUGE, The usual bowl size I normally get is much smaller lol. My mom and I took pictures too but that will be on facebook! I also ordered a longan drink. Yummm. I didn't finish my pho so we had to take it home. Lol. It was good over all!

Now these are the things I bought:

My double ring and heart tank form Wet Seal. You guys, that is my NUMBER ONE Favorite store. And my flats from Charlotte Russe. Click on the image to see it clearer, since I merged all 4 images together and didn't bother resizing it haha. And this is what I bought at Wal Mart:

WHEEE. You know, gotta take good care of your skin. Hehe. Today was pretty fun, I love my mom<3 She deserves more than one rose. She deserves a million bouquets. 

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