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I have a shopping problem (hence the title of this post! haha) but anyways, I went shopping on Sunday again but this time I went with my step brother haha. I am seriously going to stop shopping... now. Until next month and so forth lmao. Until Halloween? Haha. Well Sunday was a good day! Actually, my whole weekend was good! ^_^ Although I'm actually really lazy right now lol, so this post is going to consist more photos than text. But first off, I bought a new shirt, tank and white cardigan today! I adore the cardigan ^_^ I didn't take a picture of it for this post, I'm saving it up for an outfit (; lol. Oh, more details about the Van bag later on in the post.

The print on my shirt ^ I also bought some new bath and body work stuff. I tried their Pomegranate Citrus Body Scrub and bought new hand sanitizer. They were both on sale for half the price. I LOVE Bath and Body work deals/sales, they're like the best sales ever lol. So I got the hand sanitizer for 75 cents and the Body scrub for $7 USD. The body scrub isn't that bad, it smells good though haha.

After that we went to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. I bought a creampuff (it was a fat huge cream puff) and I bought Pumpkin Spice Latte. The cream puff was delicious yum. The Pumpkin Spice Latte taste like any other coffee. But here is the creampuff: (Btw have you guys noticed the new watermark or spy any difference? hehe)

Cream puff with dark chocolate goodness on the top haha. Oh and apparently they added whip cream to my Pumpkin Spice Latte. I honestly thought they were going to add the whip cream on top along with the little sprinkles of spice. INSTEAD they blended it  (although I have some doubt they even added it! -__-). Look up Pumpkin Spice Latte on google images. Extremely disappointed about that, so guys don't waste your money on the Pumpkin Spice Latte, maybe it's just the workers where I got my latte at, but I will always recommend the mocha frappe! Haha. Yup not going to get PSL anymore, it was my first time trying it.
So my step brother bought new shoes and some stuff for his skateboard:
But yup that's his new shoe. I gave him a dollar to buy those shoes. I'm a nice (step) sister (: lmao. He lows low on a dollar so yeah xD haha. Welps this somewhat explains the "Vans off the wall" bag in the beginning of the post, he bought his skateboard stuff at Vans. Well this post is sort of just a glimpse of everything, I might go into more details in separate posts in the future (like my bath and ody work stuff, my shirt) know what I mean? Lol no? Well just stay tuned lol.
PS: Outfit post sometime this week (:


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