Waiting for the weekends while drowning in work

Don't we all hate homework, or any thing associated/related to the infamous not fun paper work? Well I had tons of those today and I wasn't enjoying that! But besides that, I'm ready for the weekend and I am effin ecstatic for it! My bestie, Anthony conjured up 2 plans and have invited me both to them. One, to go to the Haunted House on Friday and 2, Ice skating on Saturday morning (well, around 1-2 PM. Close to 12 AM so LOL) all with my other friends! Sadly, I can't go to the Haunted House on Friday since my friend is taking me out for Frozen Yogurt that day ): Wish I could go to both. I'm pretty sure I can go to the Ice skating thing though, however there's a problem within that day as well! Thac invited me to go watch a play with him on Saturday night. Now, I know it says night but the problem is he plans on hanging out with me for 5 hours before the show. I have no problem hanging out with him for that long because he's also my best friend and practically a brother, although I plan on merging that 5 hour with the Ice Skating thing! Like, I bring Thac along to the ice skating thing at like 1 or 2 PM and skate there for a while and hopefully go back to Thacs house, chill there, play with his sister until it's time to go and watch the play. But the plans aren't official yet, I just hope it works out though. I really want to get away from home at this point! Tired of being at home, stressed out and not spend times with my closest friends.

Oh and look at my friend's fishtail! It was so cool being able to see it in real life instead of in pictures! Props and high fives to anyone who knows how to braid a fishtail, I sadly don't know how.

Anyways, sigh why must all the plans come together at once LOL. Where were they when I was bored at home lmao. xD You know what I'm saying though, right? Puahaha. So I'll talk about my day now! (sorry guys no ootm or pictures of me today, maybe tomorrow) Today was an alright day, haha I love my friend, Kathy! Today when we were in gym, she got hit by a volleyball on accident and then a little after that she was walking and was extremely close to having a door slam her face. I told her everything is like attacking her and she's like "omg I know, it's like final destination" LMAO. I want to see the recent Final Destination though. It looks kind of interesting haha. So my journal-entry-frozen-yogurt friend says he's going to tell me something on Friday when he takes me to the Froyo place like I said in my previous post or earlier. Ah he says he's nervous, I really don't know what to say. Maybe it's a girls intuition. I don't know. I'm quite anxious myself.

If you haven't noticed, I've been blogging a lot more on my blogspot (meaning longer posts and details about my day!) Just like old, old times. Kind of haha. Idk I just can't imagine myself abandoning my blog again, and I enjoy blogging like I'm writing in my very own journal. I like flipping through the pages and remember all the memories again haha. Good or bad, it was a part of my life.
I'm tired, and I belieeeeve I'm done with this post. Byee

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