Busy weekend, I love that.

This weekend (first weekend of October more like it) has been the best weekend I've endured so far this year. So on Sunday, I went to Chuck E Cheese with Tien and Thac! Yes, I spent my whole weekend with them basically haha. Actually for Chuck E Cheese, I went with them and their little sister! It was a pretty fun one-ish house thing haha. Last time I've been to Chuck E Cheese was like, forever ago. The coins to play the games and stuff we're too much for me.. imo LOL. After dropping their sister off back at their home, Thac, Tien and I went to downtown but first Tien drove us to CoCo's Cafe so I can get some bubble teaaa.

I got Avocado Milk! No tapioca since my teeth is still in pain-ish lol. it was good! But I didn't finish it... o_o After that we went all the way to South Congress (soco)

He calls me a creep lol what i don't understand..... lmao.
First we went into this shop that sells like international trinkets and stuff. It was pretty cool, I took a picture of this really cute penguin trinket!

SO ADORBS. Oh btw, I didn't watermark all my photos in this post because I got too lazy lmao..... I've had a busy day on Monday too so I didn't have time to watermark everything! More on that later in this post though (: We went to a costume shop and after that we went to a candy shop and the theme at the candy shop was interesting, it was like a circus lol. Oh and they had lot's of candy and mustache elixir.

YUM. Oh and that's tiens hand lmao. We didn't buy it though! There was a lot of mustache stuff in there lol. Thac took a picture with a mustache lollipop but It's on fb. We left the store and walked around some more! I think we went into this novelty toy store haha, I bought some cute little collectibles c:

Gloomy bear and TokiDoki! More details on them on a different post! Sorry, been kind of busy so I haven't had time to actually take pictures and stuff. But I will do it tomorrow, prommmmmise. It will be a short post Oh and Sorry for no ootms lately, ahh I will for sure do one soon. Anyways, after that we walked to this little crepe stand and I bought my first crepe ever. BEHOLD!!

I asked for banana and strawberry but they ran out of strawberry, it was okay though, I still accepted the crepe! ^_^ On the menu there was a bunch of different kinds of crepes, I chose the easy crepe because you were able to pick your topping and spread. For the spread I picked nutella! NUTELLA IS DELICIOUS. Yes, I have never tried nutella before until I tried this crepe haha. The topping was whip cream, powdered sugar and there was some bananas on top then the rest was in the crepe. It was really sweet... so I couldn't finish it. Tien and Thac didn't eat anything... making me feel like a fattie. Tien kept staring at me, making me feel uncomfortable too oo:< lmao. After crepe time we sort of just walked randomly and we saw this graffiti:

NINJA PANDA. Thac took a pic with it! Haha it was on the shop we were going to go in next. And infront of the shop was this cool caaaar

There was a few classical cars in downtown haha. It was cool seeing them lmao anyways in the shop omg they sold the cutest felt things ever. But they were expensive! Just a felt brownie cost over 22 dollars. *cries* lol. So cute though haha props to the maker! After thaaaaat I think we went home. Yeah, Tien drove me back home. Tien and I would chat outside my house a little haha. I missed him. I missed being crazy and total self around him. It's just so unreal though, how everything between us is right now. Okay well I'll talk about it later maybe. But here are some pics of downtown I took while walking around or while in Tiens car:

Soooo that was my sunday. On Monday, afterschool, Tien picked me up and took me out on a date to CoCos Cafe. After that he took me to a really cute toy shop where I bought my little miniature/re-ment foods (one of the pack was a sushi pack!). I bought my little brother a fairly large toy plane. Well after our 2 or 3 hour adventure he drove me back home. If you're an old follower and remember him well, him and I had a thing. Get what I'm saying? Lmfao. Yeah, he gave me a card an I read it while he was longboarding around. I guess he longboarded around through embarrassment. Because inside the card he wrote a letter, a page long and at the end it said, "will you take me back?". I said yes. Before the question he confessed his feelings durong the past few months we broke up. He said he made a mistake, I mean on Saturday night he personally talked to me about his feelings and cried. Cried. It's really a long story, but I hope I elaborated it enough. I don't know, obviously there is a bunch of missing details I'm not adding lmao. ANYWAYS. Yeah, I'm back with him haha. Hes so sweet. Yup that's that of this post. ~♥

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