Cravings for doughnuts fulfilled

I meant to post this on Wednesday lol anyways, so last Sunday I went to this doughnut shop with Tien and it wasn't like every other doughnut shop. The line was long for doughnut and they had a billion doughnuts.

Oh and it was WORLD FAMOUS. lmao, we bought the Texas Size doughnut (apparently doughnut/donuts have two ways of spelling their name? I would use donut but I don't like how it says I didn't spell it right if I don't add an "s" in the end LOL okay moving on)  The Texas Size doughnut isn't on the chart but it was about 6 dollars annd this is how big it was:

LOOK AT THE BOX, MY LAP THEN THE DOUGHNUT THEN THE BOX AND MY LAP AGAIN. It was bigger than my hands! Like two times bigger lmao. It was really good too but Tien and I both couldn't finish it lmao. Also inside was orange which I thought was really interesting. We went to the mall and stuff after that haha. It's fun spending my whole day with him ♥

Later that day I also dyed my hair underneath with red! I used Garnier Ultra Red.

PREPARING: It really looked like blood when it got on your gloves and stuff haha
(The picture below...) Is actually when I first dyed it. I recently redyed it on Wednesday and the red is slightly more noticeable. Also when I mean underneath, I mean I dyed on the back but underneath my hair. Does that make sense? Idk maybe you can google it lmao. But yeah.

I know this post is somewhat lame but I'm rushing LOL, oh and the weather here is actually getting colder. I'm already missing the summer lol, but none the less, winter = hot coco, cuddling/snuggling season. Haha. hope you guys have a nice day!

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