happy birthday to my losserr! ♥

Haha actually his birthday was on Saturday. HE IS OLD NOW lol jk. I went shopping at around 11 in the morning to buy him his present at the mall. I also bought Anthony a present too since it was his birthday as well!

I bought Tien a 30 dollar hoodie shirt thing from PacSun. I have to say, it was the best present I've ever bought a guy LOL. I can't buy crap for a guy once they stop playing hot wheels and play doh. I just find it so difficult buying a good present for a guy haha. I bought Anthony a shirt as well, his shirt says "This shirt just got 20% better" haha! Reminds me of Anthony xD I bought myself a shirt too. After walking so much I decided to take a break:

First off the pound cake was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. The mocha frappe was a size "medium" and I couldn't finish it lmao. It was their smallest size for a Mocha Frappe since for some reason they don't allow a "small" for frappes.

Btw the pound cake was cinnamon. Definitely getting it again someday! Oh and the cafe I went to was inside the mall, and the cafe is called Coffee Beanery.

After like an hour of shopping for presents and stuff, I decided to go back home and get my boyfriend his card and present ready. Then after that around 2 something I went to his house! It was pretty fun, I made a new friend and his name is Zack. Haha he was the only non-asian at the party, he's Puerto Rican and really funny. Tien had to go to the airport to pick up his grandma, while he did that Thac, Zack and I went on an adventure to an abandoned house.

Wait, before the abandoned houses when we we're walking around in the neighborhood (not the abandoned house) there was a yard sale and no one was watching it. Well we decided to mess with their stuff LOL. They had 2 tiny foot sized skateboards a Zack and Thac decided to mess with that it was so funny I can't xD Even after messing around with their things, no one came out of the house lol. We left after that and off to the abandoned house we went.

Okay you guys, abandoned houses aren't actually that scary unless you watch a bunch of scary movies like I do LOL. So yeah, I was pretty freaked out when Thac and Zack were looking around inside the house. They weren't scared which really puzzles me lol. Nothing happened though, haha. We were out there for like an hour and after that we went to the park and chilled there for a bit and picked the leaves and stuff off ourselves. LOL we kind of intruded on a couple and friend on the play ground when we went to the park. Lmfao they left and Zack was like "Are we that ugly", really loudly LOL.

We went back to Thacs house and Tien still hadn't came home yet. Well.. the airport is pretty darn far haha. Thac, Zack and I decided to eat some Asian snacks (mini egg rolls and some crab stuff idk what it's called haha). Thac gave each of us this soup with crab and something in it. The thing with me is, I've eaten it before but I just do't know what it's called haha. Zack took the longest to eat it because it tasted weird to him. xD

Tien came home with his Grandma a little after that and he decided to eat. Thac, Zack and I ate a little more then we headed up stairs! I think we played card games and stuff haha. A little around 8 or so it was time to eat cake.

It was cheesecake and it was delicious. So Zack made fun of me for always taking pictures of food lmao I can't help it puahaha.

Ending this post with cheesecake! I'll be posting my sunday sushi date with Tien sometime tomorrow or something. (:

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