I can check off something on my bucket list

So on Saturday my friend and I were planning to go ice skating BUT it got cancelled the last minute so then my friend Thac and his bro just kind of wondered around the who place of where I live. Meaaaning we went to the mall that's like 30 minutes away from my house then to their house which is like 15 mins away from my house. Crazy day actually! But before we get into the other parts, after my friend cancelled the whole ice skating thing, Thac and Tien improvised and we went to the Tea Lounge and bought some bubble tea and played some JANGA. Also, Tien and I are talking again haha, how crazy is that? I think it's crazy...

So the bubble/boba tea up there is mine... TAROO! And that's us 3 losers playing janga. Haha I MADE THE TOWER FALL FIRST LMAO. It was fun though! I finally know how to play Janga now haha. After playing some janga and bubble tea we went to get some froyo/frozen yogurt! I got the usual, vanilla cream, kiwi and strawberries lol. it was hard to eat them tho... dumb toothache argghh.

But anyways it was fun haha. About the face I drew on the cup, well it's because Tien brought his 3D DS (whaddaa losaah LOL xD) and tried to take a picture of me for this like face game where you shoot the face or whatever haha. Well I didn't want my face taken a picture of so I decided to draw a face on my froyo cup haha. After eating (me being the only one who ate froyo.... lmao) we drove to Barton Creek Mall. I love that mall, they have Forever 21, A'gaci, Body Shop, Steve Madden and etc. The only store they don't have is my favorite store aka Wet Seal LOL out of all the stores haha. Idk I just love WS so much. I fund this nice jacket in F21, I didn't buy it though! After about an hour at the Mall, we went to Home Depot then we went to Thac and Tiens house. We stayed their for a bit and then we headed off to watch the play at HHS. It was a pretty good play! The acting was good (:

After the play, Thac, Tien and I went into the hallways upstairs. A group of other people asked if we wanted to play Hide N Seek with them. We were kind of like "..well hmm" and eventually we said yes. LOL. We hid in groups since the high school is big and really dark, which made it more interesting. HONESTLY it was like being in a zombie movie! It was so cool trying to be absolutely quite while walking in the dark hallways, trying to not get caught. We went up and down the stairs haha. It was exciting! Also playing hide n seek in a dark highschool was actually on my bucket list, so I can finally check it off. Puahaha. We eventually got caught though, by like some monitor or whatever. Haha they pulled us to the office and asked for our names and stuff. Nothing bad, we weren't put in jail or had to call our parents. We were let out f the school and well Tien drove me back home. Although Thac, Tien and I stayed outside the house for a little bit while Thac was long boarding, Tien and I had a chat. ^_^ Aha, updates about it sometime this week. I mean, feelings are crazy you guys. Did that make any sense? No? s'all right. Maybe it makes sense a little to those who have known and read my blog last year hehe. c:

That was my Saturday, I was going to merge this post with my todays adventure post but the pictures aren't ready yet so yeah haha. Tomorrow when I wake up, hopefully, I will have the post by then! Tien plans on taking me out on a "date" tomorrow (I insisted on calling it not a date lmao). I'm pretty excited, really. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend! till then <3

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