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I haven't been up to date with this blog and I apologize! Been pretty busy haha. And I do apologize once again because.... this post is about 6 days late LOL. I KNOW. Haha I'll be posting again tomorrow, but until then this will be a short post and it will consist of *drum roll* sushi!! Haha I bet you guys are all tired of seeing sushi all over my blog right? Haha, my next post won't consist of sushi I promise.

So on Friday, Tien surprised me by coming over and offered to take me out for sushi! He's so adorable lmao. We went to Hakata Sushi & Asian Grill, and their sushi was pretty awesome.

 ^ TOFU MISO or however you call it, it was really warm and yummy! Our first dish:

 It was actually a compilation of another sushi we ordered, so there was the middle sushi and the side sushi. I actually really liked the middle, Tien ate a majority of the ones on the side since they were spicy. Yup, I can't handle spicy like most people can LOL.

^ ;D lmao. Our second dish: (technically our 3rd)

 ^ EBI!1 and salmon oooh lala (; I ate both haha.

 More of the spicy sushi! LOL I don't know what they're called lol. And you can see all the sashimi on the side.

I manned up and ate around 5 of these. Pretty sure I ate only 3 but let's just say 5. LOL. Haha jk but yeah I ate about 5 of these. Don't get me wrong they we're yummy (: And haha look at the messy plate in the background lol. After that we left and lmaoo I was messing around with Tien when we left the sushi place. We both ran to his car but the noob's wallet dropped and I picked it up and started running with it and he had to chase me and like fought me for it LOOL. D'awh haha. When I surrendered won, we headed to Toys R Us so he can buy a nerf sword.

He also stayed for dinner that night and he and my brother washed the dishes LOL. Friday was an awesome day, really! My weekend was good too. I also dyed part of my hair red on sunday but I'll be re-dying it again since right now it's only a tint. Also, Contagion is an okay movie, It wasn't what I expected it to be but I give it a 5/10. Haha, just me though! I plan on watching PA3 someday soon though. Hope you guys have a lovely day ~♥

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