Second Date ♥ and re-ment stuff!

Yesterday on Friday around 4:30PM Tien took me out to go watch a movie! We watched Drive with Ryan Gosling in it, *__* It was Tiens and mines second date together. We're going on another one later today, pizza date downtown haha. Yum yum yum. Saving my stomach for some pizza lol, going to be a huge fattttttty today. Lol anyways, afetr the movies we chilled at my house a little and then we decided to go to McDonalds! Behold the big mac:

YUMYUM. Haha oh I saw Jonathan at McDonalds! lmao after eating Tien drove me back home and stuff. We sort of got in trouble but it was cool lol, no punishments! So yeah Friday was a pretty bombaaaasshh day. Oh and you guys remember my trip to downtown a few days back? Well, here are the stuff I bought that I said I was going to upload in a different post!

If you guys are an OLLLLD follower, in one of my old post I posted a video of miniature/re-ment stuff and I was inspired to make them, but I never *successfully* made them LOL. Well here are some re-ment toys that I didn't make, instead I bought them loool. Either way, I love them and they are so cute! They're tiny too hehehe. As you can see they're japanese re-ment toys and they're like 7 dollars a box/bag. Also they're "mixed" as in like, there are different types of food in each box. I want to buy more but I'm scared I might get the same food! LOL. Know what I mean? Well, Here is the sushi (one that came with the blue bag):

SO CUTE.  And here is the other one from the red box: Note that I just took the picture of the bread one up close, the others are on the top 3 pic so yeaaaaah.

Really small stuff but so cute. Haha, I shall end this post with what I did this morning around 9 AM - 11:30 AM. Tien called me at like 9 while I was STILL SLEEPING and he told me to go outside and jog with him lmaoo. I went outside after I ate breakfast and stuff and then we went jogging around the neighborhood, and my brother, David, came along but he was skateboarding the whole time. In the picture, David is the one with red shoes. I got tired on like... the first lap LMAO I'm out of shape. And haha I'm going on a pizza date later too rofl only making it worse. Pizza though, I can't say no to pizza. xD After that they started working out in the living room then Tien left around 11 AM.

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