Sushi Date and lots of walking

My boyfriend and I went shopping yesterday and we stopped by the Sushi place inside the mall and ate some sushi after we got hungry from shopping LOL. Honestly, it was my first time trying fresh sushi/sushi not from Grocery Store packs. Haha. I couldn’t get enough of the salmon, it is now my favorite.

I also bought some new earbuds (and they’re pink), a PacSun varsity jacket that was originally 60+ dollars but was on sale (so it was like 40 something! I love sales you guys, thank god for sales) and a new pair of shoes (oxfords) and a top with feather prints on it lmao. I'll probably post about them tomorrow but here is the sushi!!

The whole platter.  We ordered the Philadelphia Roll, Spicy Tuna and 5 I don't know what they're called but they were my favorite LOL. Pretty good price for all this though!

NOMNOMNOM! I really love the 5 peices up there ^ they're so good. I only ate the shrimp, salmon and Tilapia one since Tien wanted the tuna. Omfg, the salmon was heaven.

I didn't really like the Philadelphia Rolls but they we're still good. And here is me dipping my Salmon into soy sauce:

LOL. Yummy. After eating sushi we kind of just chilled and we looked at movies.. but everything was either too long or not a good time since Tien had to leave around 6 PM.. it was about 4 PM when we finished eating! We left the mall and sort of ventured off to Party City and Best Buy. He was long boarding while I was walking.. he says he'll teach me how to long board (again) sometime this week, LOL I fail at it but this time I will definitely put 110% in it. Okay well, I bought my new ear buds at best buy ^_^:

Since my old one was broken T-T yup, I can't wait to use these though


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