Wet shoes and huge slices of pizza

So my day today consisted of this: delicious frozen yogurt, wet shoes due to the crazy rain (which I'm glad we had since TX really needed it lmao) and huge slices of pizza. My boyfriend (aka Tien/Loser) took me to downtown today for our 3rd date, after he parked we walked to Home Slice Pizza! The pizza there was HUGE as crap. But they were really good. Also, we got a classic glass coke bottle, we were able to keep it, and Tien let me have it so I kept it lol. YAY. After we finished eating it started raining really badly so we had to a wait for a bit. The rain was on and off so it would stop then rain again and stop then rain again. We managed the rain, but my shoes got wet since they couldn't handle the water. We went to the froyo place called Frutii Froyo or something like that.

THEIR FROYO IS SO GOOD. Tien and I shared a cup! I grabbed Taro, Original Tart and Vanilla. Out of the three Original Tart is my favorite, but Taro is yummy too. Hehe.

Check out my flickr (side bar!) Also, lately I've been posting small mini posts of my day. Should check out my tumblr! Click me, I open in a new tab! After that we left downtown:

Tien left after he walked me to my houuuse. I didn't want him to leave >: lol. Yeah this is a small post minus the pictures, but it's long compared to my tumblr one haha. Planning on watching a movie in my room later and just chill and maybe fall asleep afterwards LOL. Wow I normally don't post 2 posts in a day because they're really long haha. Well okay, see you guys<3

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