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First off, I haven't really been blogging about my day these past couples of week since I've been really busy. But here is a sum up of my week this week thus far: Monday was kind of dreadful but it went by fast, as well as Tuesday! I went to Golden Corral on Tuesday and man do I miss buffets haha. Wednesday was just like monday, Thursday was pretty fun for me! Haha love my homeb0is Juan, Tommy and Edgar they made my thursday hilarious lol. Found out Tommy had a crush on me a few years back, haha we made a funny conversation out of that and out of all the paper work we had to do. Friday, today, was pretty nice. Got to hang out with my boyfriend for a bit and watched Crazy Stupid Love. I love that movie, I give it a perfect 10 out of 10 stars.

Okay so we all know Christmas is coming up. Pretty sure most of us are more excited about that than Thanksgiving haha, I know I am. I've already prepared some Christmas cards and I'm going to start my "Things I love/Like about winter" pictures/post stuff whatever you call it. I kind of came upon this idea when editing one of the photos below lol this really wasn't in my blogging plan in the beginning before I edited the photos, but now it is haha. So here we go: (I'll probably add a quick link somewhere on my blog)

First on the list: Christmas Cards. I love preparing cards, specially Christmas cards because I find Christmas cards to be one of the best cards out there, along side with birthday cards. Plus it's a simple gesture, a card with a loving message inside can really warm up someones heart or make their day a little brighter. Just giving someone you know or close to, a card can really show them that you do care and actually put in some time to make them a card you know? Haha. I have a bunch of more cards than the ones pictured, I've already finished like 10 I have quite some more to go. My favorite card is the santa card!

 IT'S SO CUTE. It has 3 santa's on it and they all open up.

Haha d'awwh. Also, my 11:11 PM wish thing on 11/11/11 just happened around 40 minutes ago. My best friend Amber texted me to say "It's 11:11 PM make a wish!" while she was at a restaurant haha awh. I lavv her. Okay and here is a quick practically irrelevant to this post rant: I don't understand what you will gain from complaining about wanting a girlfriend. Also, yesterday a girl in my class decided to call her boyfriend out and make him feel like utter crap and then in the end she's all happy about making him feel like crap. What is so fulfilling or enjoyable about making a close friend or love one feel like they aren't good enough? It's a terrible feeling having to endure that, like you've failed or feeling like you aren't good enough for them or like you just aren't worth it. Bleh Have a nice day you guys~

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