GD 2 & 3 / iHop + Sushi = Love / Black Friday

Day 2 of my lovely awesome spectacular Georgia trip, after Tina and I fell asleep at like 3 AM and woke up at 11 AM, we got ready and rounded up her little brother and my little brother (both around 9 years old) and us 4 went to iHop.

We all ordered a lot of food but I think it was worth it. I took a while ordering my drink but I decided on the roasted swiss mocha coffee. Tina ordered sweet tea I think (above) *drumroll*

Well technically Ben's and Tina's food lol.  My Roasted Swiss Mocha Coffee:

IT'S REALLY GOOD I recommend it and it's like 3 dollars for the whole thing.. and the whole thing is huge.  I couldn't finish it lol.  Some phone pics: these were on my twitter toooo

SEE MY PANCAKE. That was before the syrup though. I drowned my pancake in syrup, lol only because the pancake absorbed all the syrup and when I ate it I didn't taste any syrup -_- so I had to keep adding more every now and then hehe.

After that we headed to the "main house" (everyone hands out at that house so I call it the mian house hehehehe). Idk it's like a party house okay anyways we made sushi an hour or so with everyone else after Tina, the little kids and I arrived.


It took us a while to finish but the sushi was pretty yummy.

:D I only ate the ones with salmon lmao. I have a huge love for salmon that no other fishes can break apart.

ON THURSDAY NIGHT/ Georgia Day 3 everyone as in Tina, Jason, Sonia, Me, Jasmine, Jessica, Jennifer, Andrew, My step brother David, Allison, Josh (Tans black friend lol really though), other David and his girlfriend Nancy, and Tan went black Friday shopping.

BUT BEFORE THAT we all hung out at the main house for a bit and whatnot and watched some movies. When Tina, Jennifer, Sonia, David and I went to rent some movies at wal greens... Sonia and I went into Wal Greens to buy some candy and when I was about to walk into wal greens some guy in his car on the other side of the road decided to holler at me... I looked at him like wtf and he started to wave at me. I ignored it, didn't wave back and walked in to wal greens. Sonia was like "... what the eff?!". The guy was being ridiculous and kind of obnoxious... well I bought 2 crunch bars, a ferrero rocher box for Tien and Dark chocolate Hershey bar for mee. AND LATER ON IN THE DAY I FOUND OUT TIEN DIDN'T LIKE FERRERO ROCHER. GOD. Ugh bought it for nothing LOL.

We all left to the front of the house at around 11 deciding on the number of cars we needed and who's driving and who's going who's cars. It took us about 30 minutes to organize everything and Jason got sort of pissed lmao but anyways we all had it planned after that and Jason drove the van which had me, tina, Tan, jasmine, jennifer, josh, david and allison in it. It was a 7 seat van so poor Jennifer had to be squished in. Actually she sat in the back and then with David LOL.
Everyone else went with Jessica in the small car!

 You can actually see Jason, Jennifer and Sonia in the bottom left picture. Did you know Sonia is 19 but she's fricking short LOL.  She's like Tina.. except Tina is 22 lmao. Anyways we went to Tanger Outlet first and parked at a somewhat nearby gas station and walked all the way since parking spots at the outlet were impossible at the moment. THE WALK WAS SO COLD. We stopped at Starbucks for some fresher uppers and to get warm, hence the bottom left picture. We only bought 3 cups of coffee for 14 of us LMAO. After that we went back to the road and David and I held a cup of coffee together hoping it'd keep us warm. The other David (let's call him 26 year old david... who kept saying I was 12 when I'm not >o> lol) and his girlfriend kept making fun of my brother David because his pant's were sagging lmao.

2 of the 3 coffees LOL. A bit after the coffee whatnot it started to get really cold as the seconds go by it got freakishly colder. Andrew offered me his jacket which was really sweet but I didn't comprehend why he wasn't cold after? LOL IT WAS HIS ONLY JACKET ALL HE WORE WAS AN ABERCROMBIE DRESS SHIRT. Idk his jacket was really warm pretty sure it insulated heat or something. We finally reached the outlet after running up a tremendous hill. We all split up into atleast 5 groups and Jasmine and I hit up Aeropostal first. After that we went into Pac Sun, American Eagle and then some other random stores. It was about 2:30 AM and the mall was crowded. Jasmine called up Tina, Allison and Jessica and we met up with them and walked around a bit then we called everyone else up.

Around 3 AM we all rounded everyone up and headed back to the cars... luckily I bought a sweatshirt at American Eagle so I slipped that on during our walk back hehe. LOL the wlak back was hilarious... we decided to jaywalk the street and Tan and Josh was still stuck on the other side LOL Jason: "WHY IS THERE SO MANY OF US?" LMAOO. When Tan and Josh FINALLY crossed the street to us Jason yelled out "YOU WEENIES" omfg. LOL. Somehow Jasmine, David and Jennifer and I ended up being one of the last ones to the cars haha. We went to Wal Mart after and hung out there for like an hour and ate some McDonalds.

Yup McDonalds at 3 AM in the morning. Yum. I bought a poster at Wal Mart too haha xD

When we finished all that we headed to Georgias Mall which is one of the huggest mall ever and I love it. I only bought random stuff there though. Furry boots and lots of random stuff hehe. I bought a bracelet for Tien too since he doesn't like Ferreror Rocher o:<  We stayed at the mall until 6/7 AM when Andrew and Tina planned out how we're going to get home since Jason and Jennifer had to stay at the mall to work. Jason's the manager of Abercrombie and Fitch haha haayyyyyy discounts? ;D

When we came back to the main house around 8 everyone went upstairs and sort of tried to fall asleep. No one successfully fell asleep except for Tan..... WEAK. LOL. Jk I think Jessica fell asleep too and so did Sonia. Andrew, Tina, Allison, Jasmine and I went downstairs to the basement and watched 300.. I passed out and we werent even in 10 minutes of the movie LOL. I woke up around like 1 pm and everyone was still asleep.. except for my brother David. I think he slept for like 30 minutes lol. We had to leave later on this day too which made me sad. Around 2 we all went on our last little trip together and went to this cute bakery/cafe shop called Hansel and Gretel. Mocha Chiffon cake:

We headed back and My brothers and I got ready to leave. I hate goodbyes, you know? Yeah, the ride back to TX was an even bigger hassle since we were all extremely tired. Haha, I'm only waiting util Christmas break now! Also I'll post all the stuff I bought in another post in a few days or something. Until then :D

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