Georgia Day 1 / First time at Sunos!

I was going to do this post with Day 2 as well but apparently Day 2 is filled with a bunch of photos so I'll do it on another post! Anyways, The trip to Georgia was a hassle but If you follow me on twitter, I managed to update it since I finally got mobile internet on my phone/3G. So happy but 3G eats up your iPhone battery like crazy. We finally arrived at like 1 PM on Tuesday and around 4 my friends and cousins took my brother and I out for some SunOs nomnomnom.

THERE WAS SO MANY DELICIOUS STUFF TO CHOOSE FROM. I decided to go for the crepe lol, my cousins picked some other stuff. Sunos is like this shaved ice place but the ice isn't like icy. It's hard to explain LOL.

Tinas and Allisons pick:
It was really yummy I liked it bu the mango didn't taste like mango lool.

Williams pick:
HE ATE IT ALL HIMSELF. Of course we all shared some parts too hehe it was so cute and yummy. Kind of wish I got that one instead.....

Tinas little Mickey Mouse Waffle key chain thing:
She has this slight obsession with Mickey Mouse lol. OKAY NOW TIME FOR THE CREPE JASMINE AND I PICKED....

It was fricking huge, imagine about 3 hands side by side being equivalent to that. It was packed with cereal strawberries, sprinkles and whip cream too o_o it was like a whole breakfast in one little dessert. Now the after shot!!

It took us forever to finish this.... honestly I'm never going to pick the crepe again LOL TOO MUCH IT WAS LIKE A GIGANTIC CREPE VOLCANO /).(\

After that I think we all went to pick out a movie to watch and it started raining. David was being a loser and he screamd out I love you to 2 random guys when Jennifer was driving. LOL ommmg. Yeah we watched "The Wrong turn 4: Blood Beginnings" First of all, not a movie for children lmao secondly it was a dumb movie. It's one of those horror movies that a massive amount of people make fun of. After thaaaaat we chilled a bit with Jason, Andrew, Jessica and a bunch of other people. We played Spoons and dude it was crazy! Everyone was either jumping on the table or doing something crazy to make sure they don't get out haha. It was so funny.

Around like 1 AM Tina and I went back to her house and roomed together. I love her room it's so cutte. We fell asleep t like 3 after we watched Horrible Bosses lmao I love that movie. It's like my 5th time re watching it hehe.


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