I have everything to say but no ways to say it.

For the last few days I've been a victim of runny, stuffy noses and sore throats but I'm actually getting better! Less runny noses and stuff, yay. I love my mom.

So my day today was good. I actually made a new friend unexpectedly today. *drum rolls* his name was Isaac and our new found friendship started at lunch when he kept staring at me and as I awkwardly as I was, being right beside him, he told me I was tall after all this awkwardness. I couldn't help but laugh though I mean LOL all that just to tell me that? Haha and I kind of thought so too but yeah lmaoo. Idk we kind of started talking after that and he introduced himself with a handshake. I was like wow no one does that anymore though LOL. He asked me if I wanted salad and I said nah and he handed me a cup for my drink after that. He was really sweet and he said "see you around" after he got his food. It's kind of weird though, I mean, out of everywhere making a friend in the most strangest places? Haha well I thought it was strange I wasn't really expecting something like that to happen, I just wanted food and just get out and eat my food.

The rest of the day was okay, oh Rise of the planet of the apes is an amazing movie you guys should watch it. IT MADE ME CRY TOO. I hate tear jerkers in the most unexpected scene LOL. That's when it hits you the hardest. Oh and in VT class I found out I was able to access twitter, fb etc on the macs. Awwhyeah and I'm probably going to be able to present my video next time I go to VT class since everyone else videos were already ahead. I just wanna get it over with lmao. Okay well bye you guys!

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