A (missing) piece of Day 3

Because so many things happened in Georgia and because I'm a loser I forgot that day 3 in Georgia, in the morning, Tina, Sonia, David, Jennifer and I went out to Quickly for some bubble tea. Hehehe, well Jennifer drove and Tina showed her the way. I got Honey Milk tea and I loovee it. First time trying it and It's definitely now a favorite.

While waiting for the chicken Tina ordered, I took a picture of Sonias cute little wallet purse thingy hehe.

Tina grabbing the sticks to stab the chicken with, lol loook. The chicken was yummy toooo. SONIA WAS FEEDING ME AT ONE PART LOL. I love her xD

Haha random iPhone pictures ^ After we ate we went to rent mooovies. While waiting, I took a picture of Jennifers thingy in her car.

Haha I think I should compile all the pictures together next time and put it into one post! But then again, this was a one week trip filled with things to do each day so that would've been a lot of pictures and a lot of collages. Anyhooow that's my trip to Georgia.

I went out, had fun, tried new drinks and new food, went to new places, meet awesome new people, hung out with awesome people, did an all nighter until 8 AM in the morning, have slept at 5 and woke up 6 hours later, tried my first facemask, made sushi, laughed a whole bunch, ran a whole bunch, shopped my first black friday, party hard, and did lot's of walking and shopping. I miss everyone already, only a few more weeks till I hopefully get to see them all again. All I can say is that the 17 hour drive to Georgia is worth it.

No regrets.

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