My weekend in a nutshell ★

My weekend has been a chill, mildly relaxing and somewhat interesting. I honestly have no idea where to begin with this post. So here is an awkward beginning and picture of me since I haven't posted a picture of me in quite a while. Haha. First off though, I'm really close to reaching the amount of followers I plan to reach to do my first giveaway. I can't really guarantee I'll do a giveaway though but I don't know, stick around? Hopefully there'll be some goodish stuff. And second, lately (if you read my tweets) I haven't been really happy per say. I mean, I'm happy and I love life right now for the most part but I'm not happy like I was a few weeks back. Now what I mean? Maybe it's one of those days or something. Man, I'm getting into my feelings LOL. I also wish I had a 3 syllable name. I find 3 syllable names to be the prettiest.

Okay, so Friday was kind of a disappointment to me. Saturday was an alright day, I had the best breakfast ever. All prepared by my older brother. Consisted of cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches and apples, I ate 2 cinnarolls, a sandwich and a few sliced apples. Which you guys can find on my instagram @cielnocturne or my twitter. Tien came over around like 3 and we went out to eat at Freddy's Steakburger. I've only been there (so far) twice so far. TWICE. And there's been a Freddy's Steakburger here for like 10 years.

THE FRIES WERE AMAZING. I grabbed all the sweet tea before Tien lmao awh. We bought some custard after all this fattening deliciousness. Also, I know I mention my instagram a lot, but do follow me or my twitter! I tend to post things on there that I don't post on here. En-ee-ways, the custard!

It was called "Hawaiian" and it was really good. It had cashews, strawberries, coconut sprinkles, pineapple, custard (obviously)  and whipcream.

And a cherry on top too. I liked it, it was yummy. Tien and I shared though and the custard melted really fast. Sunday/Today was okay. I didn't like the weather, lol honestly I don't like grey skies unless it's thundering/theres a thunderstorm out. Other than that, I hate it and it makes me feel gloomy and tired haha. Tien and I watched this Korean horror movie, which wasn't really all that scary to me. Oh btw, don't waste your money on Paranormal Activity 3. It's not scary and the parts in the trailer isn't even shown in the movie, so do. not. watch. waste. of. money if you do. I was obviously kind of disappointed lol. Well hope you guys had a nice day, can you believe 2012 is right around the corner now?


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