Possibly addicted to food

Who else can totally relate to that? Haha. So I tried Mochi for the very first time on Sunday when I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend. Okay well, I guess you can call it grocery shopping since we went to go buy a bunch of food. We bought like 5 drinks and a bunch of snacks. I asked him what mochi would taste better since he has tried everything in the world lol. He said Taro and omg taro is really good. I'LL BE TRYING THE RED BEAN ONE NEXT TIME.

The package was cute too, it had 6 pieces of mochi. I never knew mochi was so gooey though LOL I MEAN I knew it was gooey but not that squishy and gooey. Nonetheless you guys should try it if you haven't it's sweet and tasty. My boyfriend wanted to buy this japanese nector drink or something:

Whatever it was it was good, it was called Dekavita. I think it sounds like a beer company name LOL haha idk it's fun to say though. Yeah, I bought 2 drinks for my brothers as well. After that my boyfriend and I watched "The Strangers" It was an interesting movie and if you ponder about the movie enough after watching it, you'll realize that the movie is actually scarier than it seems. Haha yeah that was my sunday.

Today was an interesting day for me. LMAO. MY FRIEND, ESTEVAN. Okay so Amber, Estevan and I went to get food for lunch today right? Well we went into this line and they had free cookies for us after we got our food and well they ran out of cookies when Amber got it and she didn't want to hold up the line so long so she moved on and got her drink. Well I was after Estevan who was after Amber and he noticed there wasn't any cookies left so he was like "AY. AY." really loudly to the lady. LOL IT WAS MEAN BUT I couldn't stop laughing. The lady finally came out with the cookies after Estevans 2 minute tyranny and Amber noticed and was like "grab me one!!"and Estevan turned around with like 3 cookies about to give it to Amber, but she already left the line at that point, and there was this random small man who was fixing the drink machine thing when Estevan turned around so Estevan like twirled in confusion and looked at me and was like "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" oh god it was so funny when it happened LOL. Haha. That pretty much made my day. Haha.  Ah I'm not ready for tomorrow, I have to present a video I made for VT class. Gaahh I think I'm going to die for that whole minute when I show it.

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