Saturday in photos, basically.

Yesterday Saturday consisted of food, videos, lots of walking and outdoorsy stuff. It was kind of a mix of hanging out with my boyfriend, brother and Michael and my little brothers really small birthday party. Here is a small collage of my Saturday in pictures:

Haha these we're all posted on my twitter! And Instagram. (Left to right) The skateboard is my brothers, Tien, michael and my brother decided to fix up their skateboards for like 15 minutes lol. Well except for Michael he didn't own a board. I ate an Icecream sandwich for breakfast. The coca cola glass is explained in the next paragraph. My boyfriend was messing with my stuff animals. There was this toy at Wal Mart and I thought it was kind of funny lol. The shoes are Michaels shoes. The picture with food and a spoon was my dinner outside on the porch with Tien, Michael and my brother lol.  And lastly, the hands are of Michaels, Tien and my brother. Yes, random and kind of jumbled but yeah.

Before the party, I hung out with my boyfriend (all day <3), and around 2 or 3 we went to McDonalds and he received an awesome glass coca cola glass for free just because he bought a large McDonald drink. So you guys buy a large McDonald drink and get a free Glass coca cola cup for free! They had 5 different colors and my boyfriend got a purplish color. We went around Wal Mart, then we watched a movie back at my house. Around 6 my brother and Michael came and we just hung out from then on and then everyone else older than us came for my now 9 year old brother's birthday, oh and little kids too haha.

My little brothers cake! It was half chocolate and vanilla. Him and his military army stuff.

Got a small piece! It was really yummy, we still have a bunch left haha. Yay left overs. lol. I'll be posting  a post of my Sunday later or tomorrow. Well most likely tomorrow.

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