Chocolate makes me happy

Exams are here! I can get it over with and that means more time for fun and whatnot. Heheheh. These are some oldish pictures from a few week back when I was in Georgia, and I thought I should just upload them now lol. :3

What's your favorite chocolate? Mines are Crunch, Dark chocolate (any dark chocolate), Almond Joys (but I pick out the almond! LOL I only like the coconut and chocolate part haha) and occasionally Hershey Kisses. Hehe.

Tuesday... the only highlight of my day was my History class. I swear, Minh shows me the most irrelevant thing. And he actually brought my pizza plush back! I thought he didn't but he did. But he asked me if he could buy it and this fool offered money to me LOL. At first he asked for 5 and I was like "no I'm not selling it" And he kept going until 50 dollars and I was like "LOL WTF NO" And he was like "Okay okay 55 dollahs". Of course he pulled out 55 dollars form his wallet... and this was my facial expression o_o" of course, I refused because I didn't want to sell my pizza plush LOL. I said "lol omg nooo" and he was frustrated and was like "ahh okayokay 55 dollars and one cent" LMAO. He stopped after that haha dawh. After a bit we started talking in viet and because I'm not fluent as him... he made fun of me for it. Lol, he asked me to pronounce chair, pencil, shoes etc in viet and all that. Of course, we started speaking in sentences too. But the thing is, I can understand him but my own vocabulary in viet isn't all that good and I didn't want to to sound dumb. LOL He already called me dumb in viet too T-T It was a pretty fun day!

Today on the other hand was an alright day.. cannot stand exams, finals and all that jazz. Haha in VT class my friend Alexis and I decided to mess with the Photo booth on the mac.

LOL I LOOK LIKE A FROG lmao it's one of my favorite effects because it's so ridiculous. Haha! I found out my vision worsen today too. I mean, I saw Minh and he wasn't even that far away but he was blurry and I was awkwardly pointing at him LOL (I was talking to my friend Tuyen while I saw Minh) and I *think* he mimicked me LOL I'M SO BLIND I COULDN'T EVEN TELL IF HE WAS MAKING FUN OF ME OR NOT. But yeah and then he started laughing and he took a left (my left). That moment I noticed my vision has gotten worse and I'm probably coming close to needing contacts. Oh gossssh. Other than that I'm so ready for the winter break! I need it haha. More Sleep + No school work + No head throbbing questions. :D oh and let's not forget christmas!

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