Food is the reason why the world is beautiful

The other day I bought a new shirt annnnnd if you guys read my blog and stalk my twitter or tumblr lol, this is just another shirt of mines pertaining to zombies. And yes, if you do happen to stalk/read/keep up my blog, twitter etc, you guys would know about my utmost dying love for zombies and horror films.
I also bought a gigantic Hello Kitty pillow because the store was buy one get (anything from the store) half off. Which was a pretty awesome deal so I was like, "might as well!"

I've been bringing it to my work LOL. It's so soft and huge. I'll be taking more pictures of it, I haven't named it yet... anyone want to give me some ideas? :3

If you guys follow me on twitter... you guys should be aware that I have been addicted to coffee. Been drinking coffee drinks for the past 4-5 days in a row and I've been drinking it more than I drink water. lol what is h2o. I'm honestly not that proud of myself haha. Seriously, this is so bad lmao. I bought my little brother a mocha frappe and an Oreo stack as well. Here are some red velvet cake pictures: Btw red velvet cake is my all time favorite cake, my oldddd readers would probably know this and I love you guys.

I just can't live without food.

Later that day I bought some craft stuff for my future craft creations which I am not going to say because I'm going to post about it on my blog when I finish it. It won't be something big though ehhhehh.
I bought this and army stickers for my little brother because he's obsessed with army related stuff, and they all cost 20 dollars. SIGH. Oh well, crafts are awesome.

I have a root canal to do tomorrow at 9 AM and I have to wake up at 8. It's almost 1 AM and I slept at 1 last night and couldn't wake up at 9 AM. le siiiiigh! I'll be going to work and buy presents with a numb cheek haha. Have a wonderful day/night you guys!

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