New addiction: White Chocolate Mocha Frappe

So for the past few days, pretty much everything has been a hassle! Lot's of studying, and at the same time getting ready for christmas... christmas cards, christmas shopping and whatnot. Feelings became a hassle for this weekend as well, which I won't get into as of now. Eh heh. Okay anyways, to jumpstart my sunday I went to the coffee beanery (I fricking love that place.). I wanted to try something new (I never stick to one thing when I go there since they have so many choices *_*), so I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. Let me just say, nooo regrets! I love it, the whip cream and the cinnamon sprinkles they added made it even more delicious. I am definitely getting it again lmao. Hmm, what's your favorite drink?!

I am making myself crave it right now idfjdlng. I recommend it. :D It was a nice way to start my day. I bought my brother, David, some American Eagle Headphones and I bought myself a sweater from there. I'll probably do a haul over the stuff I bought but I don't know. I bought a shirt from WS, lots of foooood lmao, stickers to decorate my christmas envelope and some birthday cake stickers for future birthdays! My brother bought me an HK pen and it's super cute + when you shake it the lead comes out ^_^ Here are some pics: I know it's not all but yeaah.

Btw I was rushed to do this post because someoneeeeee keeps calling my name when I already said I'll be there. And it wasn't even urgent. I hate it when people do that ):

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