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I should say my 2 days in photos for the title but they don't really show all the things I've seen so far on my trip. So I'll make sure to do that next time! My family and I went up North (hoping for some snow) on Sunday morning. Yup Christmas! Haha, my parents opened their presents too lmao my Dad: "Merry Christmas to meeee" LOL. It was pretty funny, they... as far as I'm aware... like their gift yey.

The drive to our first city took 4-5 hours. We got lost looking for Bistro B but found it LOL I CAN'T WORK THE GPS FOR CRAP OK. But I got it hahah. We went into this fairly large asian shopping center. I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this but my boyfriend and I have recently broken up... again. It's a long story so I won't get into detail of it. But yeah, aha. I'm taking it pretty well though, but again it's a long story so you guys won't comprehend it. Ahhh anyways random but thought you guys should know incase in my future posts you guys get confused and ahhh yeah. We found Bistro B and here are 2 pics of the foooood we ordered:

I GOT FRIED DUMPLINGS Idk what my dad got but it looks so fulfilling. My Mom got some sort of Pho and my brother got Banh Xeo. Nomnomnomnom. After that we droooooove an drove and finally left our state and went into another state and left that too. We booked a hotel room for the night!

Why yes, coffee at like 9 PM. Not a good idea don't do that LOL. I didn't sleep till 5. We woke up at 10 and drove agaaaaaain. We stopped by at this really nice place that has a casino in it... I didn't go into the casino because I'm not 21 yet LOL. I probably wouldn't go in anyways, can't really imagine myself gambling, eh heh. I bought some food at this really cute bakery... which, mind you, was expensive as crap. The food I got which was 5 dollars and my little brother wanted a soft drink that costed 4 dollars... when wal mart sells one for twice the size for 4 dollars, yet he refused to get anything else >:

Basically I wasted 10 dollars.

My little brother. No one angers me more.
But other than that the parfait I bought was pretty big... so I was pretty satisfied with that c:
A little quick fact, did you know blueberries help you stimulate your brain? I read that off somewhere and apparently blueberries are really good for you.

 I took my brother exploring whee. Enjoy the pictures:

The bakery looks amazing, right?! *____*

 I took some pictures with the Gingerbread house! It was real too o:

That's all for now! OH And when we went into the hotel, (note I was half asleep) I lost my Santa Plush when going in. ): Hope you guys had a fun christmas!

As I'm typing this entry my family is sleeping LOL okay byeeeee

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