Yay for presents + Day with Michael!

A few days back I bought a present for my parents, if you weren't aware of it... I suggest you follow my twitter! Haha, I really do post things on there exactly when It happens and whatnot + with pictures. Okay anyways, guess what I bought them? Yeeeeeep 2 'coupled ceramic' cups from the Disney store!

I don't know about you guys but I thought they were ubber adorable :3 Pretty good price for 2 as well! Haha. I was going to buy my dad a Muppet tall glass... but I didn't know if he liked the muppets or not so I texted him asking him LOL before he replied I spotted a shelf of Christmas Mickey and Minnie mouse props. He texted me like 10 minutes later saying "what is that?" haha! I told him nevermind since I already bought him and my mom a gift together hehe. Also, I finally was able to give my friends their christmas cards! Mission cards accomplished yay. I mean it would be so cheesy giving it to them after christmas lol.

Day with Michael
On Thursday I spent my whole day with Michael! He had some problems and stuff (which apparently has been going on for quite a long time) and I thought hey he needs a break from all that. So I decided to take him out for some food and stuff, which I treated him too. I mean he's always been there for me, like seriously. Well, we basically spent the whole day together, it was a pretty fun day. However before I left to hang out with him, I finished wrapping my parents gift and as well as my brothers!

Put both of the cups in one of my cleaned out shoe box (LOL...) and wrapped it up and whatnot! It looks good in the picture but don't let that picture fool you... the back/bottom is probably the worst thing ever haha. Anyways, we went to the mall at first and he was being waaay too modest and said he didn't want any food! I refused, I told him I would treat him to some food and so I will. After a good 30 minutes after I bombarded him haha, he said okay I want some pretzels. LOL. PRETZELS. But okay, we went to 'Annies' and I bought him a large pretzel with cheeeeeese. After that we went around the mall and omfg there was a sale at Cotton On. 


I went in and omg I bought 2 shirt (one of the shirt wasn't even on sale but I don't know man it all just happened so fast) and a sweatjacket from there hehe and a purse from CR. The other left over money was saved and some was used for food... er.. sushi hehe. Michael bought some subway and a parfait for me dawh haha.
I bought the sushi and omg because I am sososos in love with salmon, I bought basically salmon dishes. The Alaska Roll and the Salmon Nigiri. Haha I bought some more of that today too LOL ADDICTED. I have the pictures and other pictures on my twitter, should be in recent images.

Ahh... oh and this whole week I have been working, making sure I have enough money for my trip next week! Haha, I will be playing with snow (hopefully)! My poster from ebay has arrived too, made me soososososo happy. It's so beautiful ldjflksdgk. Have a happy christmas eve you guys! Only 1 more day until Christmas where I am.

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