Today was a fairly good day, haha my classes were pretty awesome today! Amber gave me my late birthday present which was a huge Mickey Bag above and I had to carry that with me throughout the day because I had no time to stop and put it up. In History Class, my crush asked me the most surprising question ever, well coming from him. "Will you go out with me?" Oh my god I couldn't believe that. Oh my god what was he serious yes no what. I couldn't tell! He's always joking around (which I may add made him adorable heheh). My other classes were alrighty. After I finished my 4 classes for the day I went shopping but before I get into that this is what was in Ambers gift bag. The bear uptop which was actually really big and some candy and gum:
 Amber is everything I look for in a lover. (;

Shopping was quite a success. I bought 3 new heels (there's a reason why I bought them and it's not for the fashion this time but won't get into detail yet shh). Tried on a lot and had fun attempting to walk with what... 6 inch heels? LOL. The ones I bought were all black because black is just easy to match with ya knowww. I'll show pictures tomorrow. I also bought a new shirt and a dress. The dress goes in hand with why I bought the heels.
I don't know about you guys but this week is zooming by fast. I can't wait till springbreak whee. I'm off for tonight, I'm so tired I've been having such a chaotic week and running on less than 5 hours of sleep lately and it's only Tuesday. Hopefully on Thursday and Friday I can rest up more then Saturday-Sunday I'm going out of town for this class I'm taking.Why do I torture myself lol ok goodnight/see you guys later!

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