These ^ pictures were actually taken on monday. Haha, looks yummy right? Being a lardbutt all day errday. So my day today was alright, I went to the dentist and I had to have one of my tooth taken out! As painful as that sound, it wasn't painful because of all the numbing they had to put me through haha. Kids, take good care of your teeth even if you have an old cavity that is "fixed up", take extra care of that. Because my old cavity that was fixed up a few years ago acted up and caused me a major infection in my tooth. Nasty, so take good care of them. My most complained posts on twitter are about my teeth LOL. 

My crush asked me to go to McDonalds with him again today. I would have soooo gone with him but due to a test I cannot and do not want to miss, I couldn't go. ): He kept joking around and he asked me if I like him. Okay well here's the convo:

My crush: "haha why, do you like me?"
Me: "no why would i like you you're such a loser"

I still regret not going to MCD with him, who knows. The rest of the day was okay except earlier. I was planning on buying a new camera but things happened, no worries though. I'm thankful tomorrow is Friday and then 3 day weekend for me. I need that so much, this week has stressed me out to the max with tests that I can't afford to fail, tying to juggle all my classes and finishing all of their work on time, my teeth and working. Beside that here is a picture of me taken last week I think:

Lately I've been into stripes a lot and I haven't posted any photos of my self on my blog in a while so heres one! Lol cover half my face, yes, but it's still a picture of me hehehe. Have an awesome week you guys!


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