My day on Sunday consisted of working, food, tumblring, twitter, OPI and lots of things involving my iPhone. Today was a pretty prodcutive day! For once in ever, I didn't buy any materialistic items this weekend and I would love to keep it that way for a while haha. I mean, I really need to tame my shopping habits, at least I think so. I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty excited for Chinese New Year this upcoming weekend! Hopefully going to spend it at my friends house and have a party. I'm waiting for my (first pair) circle lenses to come in, and they should be in next week.

I went out to eat Pho with my parents tonight annnnd here is a loner picture of the Che Dac Biet I ordered lol yummy. I've really been craving sushi though. I think if I were to walk into a sushi bar, I would order everything and eat everything. No words can justify how much I want sushi right now omg. Okay that's all for today, follow me on instagram @cupsoflatte !

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