Say hi to my currently developing Bath and Body work collections! Of course, it's not all of it but it's so far the un used ones haha. Except for my sweet pea hand sanitizer oh and the VS Mimosa Lotion. Share with me your favorite smell if you have any! My favorites are Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea (: So instead of sleeping right now, I'm up and blogging. Already wanting to make a new layout, although it's not like I'm sick of my current one, I just want to make a new one LOL. I'm adding up my stress level if I do that to myself especially when for the past few days it's been all about tests and quizzes in my classes. Blah.
Earlier today I went to the ortho and gosh I hate the person who worked on my teeth today LOL, idk he didn't seem friendly and he gave me like mean mugs the whole time. Lol hopefully I won't get him again, he didn't seem to really like my teeth either lmao.

I went to buy girl scout cookies with Edgar today, haha he's like my homeboy LOL. I bought Thin Mints for myself and shared some with Edgar. Probably going to buy some other cookies containing peanuts in them for my dad tomorrow. Thin Mints are my favorites and have always been my favorites. nomnomnom.
Lately, I've been falling more and more in love with my phone! Hahaha, I've downloaded 5 pages full of apps so far... a majority of them are games and photo apps lmao. Who else is going to be celebrating Chinese New Years this week? I'm hopefully going to Thacs house this weekend, ahh excited but hopefully I can come early enough. Haha he's like my brother (and I tend to post our convos here and there on twitter lol), I've known him since we we're kids basically. All my close friends are people I've known since waaay back in the day childhoooooood. Anyways, yep. 

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