My day today consisted of lots of food, my friend and walking in downtown. Finally ate some Homeslice Pizza again, it's been forever since I had some (': and finally got to go to my favorite froyo shop in sososo long. Reasons why I love Frutti Froyo: The friggin flavors they have (original tart and taro for ever <3 today I got those and tried out Cherry Limeade which was pretty good too :D) and their shop is so cute! Has a little bakery in it now ;lekfldgljf. We also went into this store called Toy Joy, went there before but like a few months ago ): and I bought my new Rilakkuma Key Chain there. I was going to buy more re-ment toys but I was like nahhh. Oh we also saw Enchanted Unicorn Poop LMAO.

I offered to share the keychain with my frienddddd but I guess he forgot lol oh well. Now I just need to wait till the stuff I purchased online comes in... in a few weeks lol. >_<

It's so cute! (: Hopefully I won't lost them like I did with my past 2 hello kitty ones -____-|| This weekend has been fun! Chilling with my villains haha. Hope you guys had/is having an awesome Chinese New Years 

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