Just another daaaay at work and mall crawl time. Didn't do much at the mall actually, bought some food (sushi and some Lammes chocolate sherbet mints) and bought a new pullover and top. Surprisingly, I didn't buy much on Saturday. Work was busy which is a good thing so my break was pushed all the way till late afternoon LOL oh well. Oh and it's kind of lonely walking into the mall by myself LOL I'M NOT USED TO IT ANYMORE. I usually go with my brother or a close friend haha. And eating sushi alone at the mall is probably the saddest thing I've ever done LOL. I told my best friend tic thac that today during our usual phone calls and he started laughing. Omg no thac you just doesn't understand LOL. I know the two pics are really lonely but I'll make up for that tomorrow! (;

I really hate feelings sometimes by the way. I mean, feeling so strongly about someone and then ending up only to be "friends" with them because they think it's best, is probably one of the worst idea ever. I'll not get into details about that though, I guess lol sometimes, I can be waaay too reserved and at times waay too open about things. Well it's 11:30 PM right now and I have to wake up a bit early tomorrow. Hope you guys had a nice weekend ♥

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