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Sooo a few weeks ago I ordered some stuff for fun! I ordered 2 new iPhone cases for my phone (2 for a very good price compared to 1) and I ordered Whipple, a Japanese deco toy. I knew about it through tumblr, lmao quite a few months ago somewhere early 2011. Finally decided to buy one. It's pretty expensive though LOL. On and they're keychains too. You decorate them the way you want to and turn them into keychains or whatever your little heart desires.

This little box was actually one of the ones with the best deals. Mainly because it was $16.50 USD for 10 pieces, and some other stuff in it. The others that we're either the same price or less didn't have as much. IT'S SO CUTE THOUGH. I actually just bought another box but one containing more stuff for $35 USD. Totally not obsessed or addicted.

LOL I COULDN'T READ ANYTHING. I had to rely on my memory and video I've watched on tumblr and youtube from the past. But they had a good little picture book in there for you to look at :3
Oh and here are my cases:

I'm currently using the brown one :3 I'm so happy. The person who mailed it also gave me a screen protector so technically it was 3 for a seriously good price and free shipping. I'm offering to share the white one with my friend and we can have couple cases LOL. Anyways so my favorite part of the whipple is the cream part, it's so nice and secured.

I lost the nozzle for a moment though LOL. But yeah ta daaa. My first time using and embracing the glorious whipple:

LOL I DON'T THINK I DID THAT BAD FOR A FIRST TIMER. It's simple yeah but I think it's pretty cute..... I would eat it I mean heheh. lol, I actually messed up on one of them and had to redo that part haha. >:

Here are a few of the others I made: I only got it for like 2 days and I already used all he stuff LOL. I'm actually using whipple to decorate my old phone case too. I'll get into detail about that next time :3

By the way, the cream hardens within 1-2 days. So don't eat it! Always keep the nozzle on when you're done with your cream and have leftovers inside the bag.

Also, on the weekend I bought a new pullover and top and a new button that says "no." LOL. ok I find it funny *cough*. Oh and just today/last night I spent a good $124.00 USD on some stuff online lmfao. $35 whipple, $18 birthday present for my best friend, and some clothes from yes style, everything + shipping. It's actually not that bad I mean, I kind fo expected it to be more but yay it wasn't :3. I swear though, this is the last time I'm spending (on anything other than food) for the next few months ksjdlfhklfna. I'll post more about the whipple stuff I have sometime in the future too c: ♥ ♥

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