Chinese New Years +

Had fun chilling with my villains on Saturday! I went to Thac and Tiens house for Chinese New Years annnnnd for Thacs super early birthday party and his little sisters birthday party. First, Thac and Tien came to my place like 3 hours earlier than I expected so I wasn't ready LOL. After getting ready, then went to go pick up their sister and went to Tien and Thacs place we chilled there and then around 2 PM Zack showed up! Whoooo. We went outside and we got bored pretty easily LOL we urged to go get some Bubble Tea and it took us a while to actually go because of Tien uhm cough lmao. I know this post has like barely any descriptive pictures LOL my apologies, but the two picture with Zack, Tien and Thacs hand, our dirnks and janga was when we went to the tea shop yay. We went downtown after this and just hung out a bit and went back to Tien and Thacs place then hung out there. It was a pretty fun day haha. We went outside a lot and the park... LOL super fun hahaha. I wore basketball shorts over my black shorts and wore my navy blue pullover hoodie when we went to the park at like 9 pm. Apparently, I looked like a guy form behind because I wore the hood over me haha it was fun.

Somehow the conversation went from mocking, being losers, then we started a conversation about reminiscing the good old child hood days haha. Remember when being the fastest meant you were the coolest kid in the whole school? LOL yeah me too. After that we went back to Tien and Thacs house and whooo ate, talked, did every random things possible, and ate cake. Happy gung hay fat choi or whatever LOL/ chuc mung nam moi yeeeeeeeh.

Photos taken with my phone, follow me on Instagram! I post pictures on there which I don't always post up on my blog or twitter @cupsoflatte

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