"Happy surviving one more year around the sun"

- Says my friend, Sean.

I don't know if you guys knew this or not but today is my birthday! (well, in my time zone it is haha.) I had my party on Saturday though and I had a blast with Michael, Vy, Anthony, Thomas, Thac, Tien, Louis and my step brother David. And thank you, Thac, for putting icing in my hair. I'll get him back during his birthday in a few weeks hahahaha! I had to supervise Anthony where to park since he parked in a no parking zone LOL. It was so funny when he was driving and I was in the passenger seat because everyone else was like hoarding around his car and David and Michael were just being losers and trying to block Anthonys way as much as possible. Anthony: "I swear I have missiles installed in my car and if you guys don't move I will f*cking blow you guys up!"  or something like that but LOL during the whole time he was moving his car I couldn't stop laughing, Anthony is a gucci af (kind of an insider, kind of not really it really depends on if you get it or not LOL). My Parents picked out the cake for me as a surprise and apparently the person who made it at Wal Mart forgot to add the roses my mom and dad asked them to add for me. So the cake was jus pink and white with words on it LOL kdfkdjgfks. Way to go wally world. The cake was good though and we ran out of the chocolate side which actually made me kind of sad because chocolate makes me happy.

DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAD TO BLOW THE CANDLES? They kept lighting back up because Evy is a fucking firebender. Lmaoo, finally after like 5 rounds of blowing we finally cut the cake! I have no picture of me cutting the cake though >: Oh I forgot to mention the candles were the type of candles that sparkle like mini fireworks on a cake. For presents, Evy got me this amazing Bath Set that consisted of bathing stuff like bubble bath, shower bombs etc and as well as lipgloss and face stuff haha. It was pink, in a huge basket and it smelled so amazing! Anthony gave me an iTunes Giftcard and a huge card that was really cute and funny (inside was a dog with bubble gum in a bubble coming out from it's but lmaoo) Thomas gave me mooolaahh, Thac gave me nothing that dweeb and Tien is actually offering to pay something for me which I thought was really kind of him.

My birthday party was pretty awesome, nothing big. Maybe next year (; Haha. Today, I finally fulfilled my bath and body work urge! I bought 2 new mini sprays. I can now carry it in my purse without it taking up so much space and that makes me so happy. By the way they were 75% off! So I got them each for like 2 bucks. I bought Sweet Pea and Japanese Cherry Blossom -- my 2 all time favorite smells.

I also bought a car freshner (sweet pea) it was 5 bucks and not on sale ): But I think it was worth it. It's a subtle sweet smell, hopefully no ones nose is too sensitive for it.

Also, I changed my layout. I can't say I love it but I'm content with it. The point of the theme/layout is having it simple and convenient. Although I still want to work on the blog post titles >: I'm thinking about reverting back to one of my old layouts one day, maybe in the future for sure. Yay, hopefully you guys can see what you need to see. Have a nice day you guys! Oh I'll also be posting up a face wash review soon so stay tuned and a possible give away is probably going to happen in the near future (; xoxo


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