New Years in Georgia ★

My trip to Georgia lasted for a good one week  Wish It was longer and I wish I took more better pictures! Most of these pictures are phone pictures since I didn't want to lug my other camera around everywhere hahaha. My Georgia trip in... mostly pictures:

From left to right in case you're curious: You can see Tina and Andrews arm, they and the others we're teaching the 2 little kids how to play Monopoly Deal! | Went to Bahama Breeze for New Years Eve Dinner, and that is Jasons Chocolate Island for desert. Really chocolaty. Just smelling it and you can taste the chocolate! | Bought Sonia and I some frozen Yogurt when we went to the Mall, nomnom. Guess which one mine is LOL.... | My Dads and Uncles birthday! The cake was ginormous and beautiful :3 | Again, Bahama Breeze for New Years Eve Dinner. Everyone was all dressed up! | What Sonia, Jasmine and I bought for fun at the mall lmao. | My Fuchsia head and blue body voodoo doll is named Charlie. :D | My new red, fox socks that Sonia helped me pick out. She picked out this bear sock for me too! Red + Fox = Perfect Combination. | Painting rocks with the kiddies! | A slice of my dad and uncles cake. Note: the cake was home made! | Yogen Fruz... my last froyo feast in Georgia... | <--- what I said there :D

Before going to Bahama Breeze for the New Year Eve Dinner... we went to downtown to check out restaurants.. it was our first choice but the restaurants were either booked, too expensive or booked. Mostly booked. Although our choices was this high class mexican restaurant. LOL Jason: "I can't believe we're about to go eat high class mexican food".... omg. The other choice was this expensive sushi and steak house place called STRIP. I think it was also a bar if I read their sign correctly but the again I'm bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnndddd. We didn't want to wait for 2 hours sooo we decided to go to Bahama Breeze (which I was new too *__*)  Some pictures of downtown before we headed to BB:

^ Phone photos FTW LOL. There's Jason, Tan and Josh.

I just love the city. The lights, the liveliness, the stores and the fact you can just walk to get to places :D After walking in the cold for like 30 minutes (Jasmine and I didn't wear our jackets because we left it in the car LOL) So the drive to BB was somewhat long haha but it was fun though lmfao.

So we had a party of 14. Pretty big table with lots of food and stuff. I had fun haha. I took lots of pictures with Jasmine and whatnot (': But the food pictures came out terrible because of the low lighting. Haha... my camera can't function well in low lighting lflkkgldvdl;fklds so enjoy the terrible picture quality of delicious food >:

Yummy in my tuuuuummmy of course there was more but you know lmao. I couldn't take pictures of the other side of the table since there were so many people. Jasmine, Sonia and I shared a Banana Supreme (3rd picture) and it was so good. I only ate the ice cream though hehehe. After eating a yummy dinner we went Karaokiiiiiiinnnnnnng till like 1 AM or something.

IT WAS FUNNN, haha I only sang like 3 songs on the mic but they were with another person. Mostly Jasmine :3
That was my new years eve ^_^

New Years Night
Basically spent the New Years at home playing with the kiddies and with Allison, Jasmine, William and Jennifer. It was pretty fun :3 Haha when playing hide n seek in the dark, Will made me laugh so much because apparently when I was crawling to safety like a maniac... William was hiding somewhere where I passed him as I was crawling and like it's dark so he was like "what the fuhh...?!" LOL HE TOLD ME AFTER THE FIRST ROUND and I was laughing so much. I mean I was crawling in jeans and on tiles so I was slipping when I was crawling rapidly hoping Jennifer and the kiddies didn't find me LMAO.

Taking the game too seriously? Lol not seriously enoughhhhhhhhh! After a few games of that the others (except for Sonia and I) played like field games. Haha.
Sonia and I went into this little craft room and painted rocks and stuff. A little while, they noticed and the kiddies wanted to do some too so we pretty much moved the crafting outside where everyone could do it.

We painted with the kiddies for a while until it was creeping close to midnight! :D Btw that is Ben in the picture and he is the cutest kid ever!  Super violent and energetic though lol. Oh and if you're wondering, yes he painted his own nails with the paint lmfao. And then we started the countdown!

Before all this though, I managed to buy a lot of Bath and Body Work products, a new purse, lots of food and accessories. No clothes which is honestly shocking to me haha. I'll see if I can post them, been kind of slacking off with haul posts >:

Hope you guys had a wonderful New Years! ✦ ♥

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