02012012 Sun Shining Day

  Hello February! January went by faster than I expected, I feel like as we grow older time flies by much faster. Or maybe because I've been busy with balancing my social life, school and work all together? Hahaha. Not really excited for the month of February, honestly. It's a sweet month, I agree but everyone should know that a month doesn't determine when you should treat your other half in a special way. Always treat them in a special way, I mean they're your other half/significant other! I am envious of everyone who is happy with their significant other right now, just because you have someone to cherish memories with and share secrets and all that fun stuff.... okay I need to stop that. But then again, you can always share secrets and create memories with your food and chocolate on v-day right? Right. That's what I'll be doing LOL. I'm excited for March though! My best best best friend is having her birthday in march. I got her the most amazing gift ever heheh, I can't wait to give it to her :3

  The weather today was out of now where. It's 80 degrees F...... in February. Last year in February it was cold as crap. I mean don't get me wrong, I actually love the weather right now! But it's kind of frighting. I mean, imagine this summer now. I don't know about you guys but I believe in global warming haha, been believing in it since I've heard of it long agooooo. But my friends make fun of me when I say I want a hybrid, it's been my dream car ever since it was introduced everywhere. My friends talking smack about my dream car ok I'll key yours next time. Just kiddinnnnng. I wore denim shorts and a sweater today, munched on sherbet mints and ate icecream, talked to my favorite baseball player friend and enjoyed the sky. Oh and my lens also came in today! FIRST TIME EVERRRR. I'm kind of scared of putting them on but at the same time excited. o:

  Before I leave you guys with this text x Instaphoto post, I think you guys have to check this out! I can not stop listening to it, it's so beautiful. Beauty ♥

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