On Thursday me and him traded jackets, and he smells so nice. Like, his jacket smells amazing. The cologne or whatever he uses, wow. No words can justify it haha. He also put his number in my phone and after like 20 minutes when we left for lunch, he texted me if I wanted to go to McDonalds with him (he has asked me this 5 times already, this is the first time on text). I didn't get it till after I finished eating LOL. *cries* this always happen, it's like I was destined to be alone or something T-T lol. I can't believe it though, I really don't want to have a crush on him but I guess I kind of do. We're supposed to switch jackets again on Monday. I saw him on Friday and I think he was wearing my jacket! I wasn't wearing his on Friday though lol daaawh. I was like dam >_<"  The picture of me at the bottom is me wearing his jacket! Hahaha.

But in all honesty, I still miss "him", don't get "him" confused with him. Lmao. I mean, I guess I should move on... he wanted to end the relationship... twice... I couldn't do anything to make him stay longer anymore (relationship wise). I was out of any fight in me. We're still friends, but it's weird. I'm friends with all my exes. I guess it's not a bad thing but dam, it'd be nice being not only friends with someone but be with them as a couple. Lovers that act like best friends are the best, I like to think so. Well anyways, today so far, I've painted my nails (out of boredom) for Valentines day, even though I have no valentines! Haha, lonely as can be with my nails and I. The polish I'm using is "I've got the blues for red". Nice dark red.  I really haven't done much today, planning on swinging buy a candy shop and buy some strawberry dipped chocolates for my parents and another strawberry dipped chocolate container for my close  friends and I. Just because I love my close friends and parents very much, and I tend to mention them a lot haha.

For the past few days, I've bought nothing but food. I'm pretty proud of myself, I need to stop spending my money on things. The last materialistic item I bought was some stuff for my phone because if you guys didn't know (I've mention this on my twitter and Instagram!) I'm decoding my old iPhone and been squeezing crafting back into my schedule. However, school and work still stand in the way of most of my activities. Sigh.. T-T Work = Money but very little free time (let's not forget school in this equation). No Work = No money but lot's of free time. Oh life.

Not only am I trying to tame my shopaholic ways, I'm also trying to save my money up for the beginning of this summer. (: I've mention me trying to save money all the time on my blog but never successfully save up the money I've been wanting to spend. But now, I'm determined to save up! Well that's it for this post I haven't typed something like this in a while... wish I had more time to type like this haha. Hope you guys had/is having a good day!

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