Tomorrow is Friday!
 Craving the 3 day weekend
 Just finished eating Blue Bell Vanilla Icecream
 Him and in the clouds

What a day. I don't really know what to say about today, I completely skipped out on my second class today. I didn't want to be in that class for an hour and 30 minutes, mainly because I hate what we have to do in that class. I also think that class is a blow off but whatever hahah. I've been lacking so much sleep and been sleeping so late -- it's really unhealthy. I also can't seem to be thinking straight and my head is constantly in the clouds. I just don't want to work. I just want to sleep, listen to my new music, read a good back at a coffee shop and text him. Mentioning him, blah I feel like he hates me now haha or finds me annoying. Or maybe it's just me, you know that feeling when you're scared your crush doesn't want to talk to you so you hesitate in talking to them? Definitely me right now! I also think I offended him somehow, not going to get into detail but I feel like I offended him. D: noooo not him. Other than that, today feels like a Friday. Maybe I'm just really tried and my head is crying out for Friday.

Here are some old-ish pictures from a few weeks ago that I never got to uploading, my phone case is also really messy now haha. I'm currently using the keychain and I made the cup into a ring, which sadly got some pink stuff on it, but nonetheless still cute.

By the way, decided to start my post with something new heheh.


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