My new lenses so far
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 Cloudy, Cold.
 At home

Lunch with Amber and Brenda was fun, didn't eat much today though ): Linh gave Amber and I homemade cookies he made, yay! After I finished all my classes, I streamed some disney channel shows like Suite Life on Deck haha, I love SLOD and WOWP they're the only shows I'll watch on Disney Channel lmfao.

Well, that's it for my day. As for my lenses - today was my second day of trying them on for over 7 hours. So far I'm experiencing no irregular irritation, my eyes aren't blood shot or red, and they're pretty comfy. However, it might just be my eyes, but my vision occasionally becomes blurry (mostly in my right eye). Also, even though I ordered them in plano my vision becomes much better (specifically for my left eye, my right eye... not really haha). I'll do a full review on them sometime in the future, sooo stay tuned! I'll also be purchasing more lenses.

I also hope you guys are having/had a good Valentines Day! If you're with someone or have a Valentines, may you guys be together for a long long time. If you're not, like me, don't fret yourself! We always have food, friends and family! Haha. The month of February is almost halfway done, time flies by a little too fast nowadays.


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