02202012, Lovely.

The stuff I purchased a few weeks back finally came in today! This will be an image heavy post haha, I actually only posted a few out of the ones I took in my camera. Today was a pretty alright day, I went to buy some more solution for my lenses and as I was looking for more solution, this eye drop for lenses and eyes caught my attention so I bought that too. Sadly, I didn't look at the fl oz so I didn't notice how small it was until I opened the box! The box was much bigger, and I assumed it was as big as normal eye drops lol. Oh well. I'm almost 95% done with decoing my old iPhone case, too! I started a new Anime today called Kimi No Todoke, it's so cute.  Well let's get on with the pictures shall we? The first picture is a gift I bought for my best friends birthday, It's as big as my finger to elbow and super soft! Sentimental circus ftw, I can't wait to give it to her on her birthday (':

^ I bought some more Whipple! This time a much bigger box which costed me $35 USD. Pretty satisfied with it! I already started messing with some stuff but I'll pull this whipple out when I have the time to mess around c:

I love the macaroons!

My stuff for my phone came in as well, time to finally finish my phone case but like I said, I'm 95% done with it. Or maybe I'm totally done but I haven't decided yet. You guys can take a look at my phone on my twitter (@CyanideKittty) and instagram(@cupsoflatte) ! Until then, I won't be posting it on my blog until it's fully done c:

I can't wait till spring break in March, I'm literally so tired of work school work school, I mean you can only handle it for so long until it starts getting tedious and tiresome. ;_;


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